#LifeHack: DIY Halsey Inspired ‘Love From BADLANDS’ Postcard Door Hanger

Hello friends!

I must say, that I am a rather new addition to the Halsey fandom, but that’s okay.  For those of you who don’t know Halsey, you should really google her, because she is amazing. My favorite songs from her BADLANDS album are Castle, Gasoline, Strange Love and New Americana.

When Halsey released BADLANDS, there were so many extras that went along with it, including the ‘BADLANDS AIR’ travel agency. There were brochures for the ‘Badlands’ and some postcards. So I googled ‘halsey badlands postcard printable’ and came up with this DIY!

You will need a BADLANDS postcard template and string

The Only Step. Print out the postcard. Cut it out. Mine was kind of pixelated, so I went over the ‘send help’ in black pen. Fold so that you have two sides. Glue a piece of string along the fold line. Fold and glue together. Glue the string up along the sides and tie at the top. Now you can hang it on your door.

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