Summer Room Decor pt.1: Pastel Vibes

The summer is actually boring me to half-death right now. I have only journaled and listened to a weird mix of Cage the Elephant, Billy Talent and AC/DC using CDs i borrowed from my dad. Ha. I was so busy the last few months that i never got around to spring room decor and fashion advice. Sorry! To make up for it, I’m doing a two-part room decor. The Christmas haul has been discontinued, because July is too late to finish it. This post is more spring decor, but can show the pastel pink side of the summer. It should really be called flamingo vibes, but oh well? Let’s get started!


  1. Floral Box

You will need a wooden box, acrylic paint and a small hand mirror.

Step One. Paint the box a base color. I used a pale blue. Next, what you want to do is the rose. It’s kind of difficult to explain. Paint a pink circle and wait for it to dry. Then, using red, just paint a center and some curved lines. It’s better if you actually watch a video that explains it. JENerationDIY did a floral letter DIY where she’s definitely going to have a better tutorial.

Step Two. Let it dry. Open the box and glue the hand mirror to the center of the underside of the lid. This is totally optional, i just thought it looked really cute.


2. Pom-Pom Pillow

You will need a white pillowcase, a sharpie or iron-on paper and yarn.

Step One. Smooth out your pillowcase and write your quote. If you don’t want to freehand with a Sharpie like I did, you can totally use iron-on transfer paper and just follow the directions on the package. Because I am in love with the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’, I decided to use a quote from the song ‘Tale As Old As Time’.

Step Two. Make the pom-poms. To make the pom-pom, simply wrap the yarn around any object multiple times until you get a size that looks about right. Tie in the middle. You want this tie to be incredibly tight. Use scissors and cut the ends away. Fluff it up a little so that it looks like a pom-pom. You can make as many or as little as you’d like. Now you just need to attach to the pillow.


3. Movie Quote Heart

You will need paint, sharpie, colored pens and cardboard

Step One. Pick a movie quote. mine was more of a book quote, but it did come form a movie that was based off a book. Call me obsessed, but it’s a low-key ‘Outsiders’ reference, and my favorite Dallas Winston quote. Cut a heart out of cardboard and paint it any color. I used a vibrant pink.

Step Two. Once it dries, write your quote on with Sharpie and colored pens, then glam it  up a little bit with sketches of hearts and mandalas and such. It looks really cute on your wall.


4. TV Show Quote Coasters

You will need bar coasters, acrylic paint and printouts.

Step One. In Microsoft Word, or WordPad or such, Make four boxes. Go on Google and find some cute background images. Put them in the boxes. Now, simply type quotes from your favorite TV Shows on the square and print the page out. If you already have paper, like this really cute scrapbook paper MissMikaylaG had with all these quotes on there, you can totally use that.

Step Two. Paint the underside of the bar coasters and wait for them to dry. Glue the quote square on top and trim to fit. You may also want to cover the top in some of sort of sealant just to make sure it doesn’t get ruined, right!

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#LifeHack: Sort of Holographic Hexagon Wall Peices

Hello! Have you guys seen the music video for Alessia Cara’s Stay? It messed me up so much. So, the guy misses the elevator Alessia’s in, and then time just keeps resetting itself until he and Alessia go out, then he dies and everything just resets again. It’s crazy! Anyways, because it’s may and i needed to think (only think, haven’t actually done anything yet!) about spring cleaning. I took down a poster i’ve had for too long, but didn’t have anything to replace it, so i googled “cute Tumblr room decor” and found this. YOu can use holographic paper, i just only had tinfoil on hand.

You will need cardboard, tinfoil (or holographic paper) and *optional* Sharpies to doodle on the hexagons with.

Step One. If you are confident with your freehand skills, sketch out the shape of a hexagon. If not, simply find a template and trace it onto your cardboard. Make as many as you would like and cut them out.

Step Two. Cover each hexagon in tinfoil or holographic paper. If you wish, you can use your Sharpies to put designs on them. I used quotes and obscure references from “Stranger Things”, “The Librarians”, “Harry Potter”  and “The Outsiders”. I also wrote “ok no” and drew stripes on the rest. Tape or sticky tack to your wall to finish.

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PS. Only Outsiders fans will understand that reference at the end. So probably only me. Oh well!

5 Books to Make Your Plane Ride Better+DIY “The Librarians” Ezekiel Jones Bookmark!

Hey! I know that i have not posted in a while but there’s been the holidays and i’ve been on vacation. I had a lot of schoolwork to catch up on and such. Do you guys know Peter No? I totally used it to trigger my friend Presley at PresleyGames, and he was soo mad because i knew the trick and he didn’t! Don’t look at your screen like im going to tell you, because i’m not. Google it. Anyways…… Aren’t plane rides so boring! I have 5 boredom-busting books that will keep you entertained the whole time.


  1. Innocent by Eric Walters

Did i mention that this book is a part of the “Secrets”, my favorite book series ever? After the orphanage burns down, Lizzy (Betty, Elizabeth Anne Roberts) is sent to Kingston to work for the Remingtons as a maid. The same job that her mother had years before. When she finds out that her father is currently in prison for her mother’s murder, she is beside herself with emotion thinking “This is the man who murdered my mother!”, but she launches her pwn investigation anyway and meets David, a young, handsome cop who’s intrest is more in Lizzy than the case. These books can be read in any order and the other six are called The Unquiet Past, Small Bones, Stones on a Grave, A big Dose of Lucky, My Life Before Me and Shattered Glass


2. Magesterium #1: The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Call wants nothing to do with the Magesterium. His father always told him that magic was dangerous, and he’s right! When Call almost kills himself trying not to get in, he accidentally gets himself a one way ticket! Soon he meets Aaron and Tamara who help him through tough life at the school, but there is a threat lurking somewhere, and these three may just have to fight it.


3. Masterminds by Gordon Korman

Eli lives in a perfect town and leads a perfect life. Until Randy abruptly moves. From that day onward, Eli knows there has to be something going on. Why would Randy want to leave? Serenity is perfect and everybody has everything! But a shocking discovery at the Orange Cone factory will shock these five teens to the core! Th other books are Criminal Destiny and Payback


4. Tomorrow Girls #1: Behind the Gates by Eva Gray

Louisa and Maddie live in a war-torn dystopia Chicago. They are among the lucky few girls being sent to Country Manor School (CMS), away from the violence of the war against the Alliance. But this school is hiding something, and with new friends Evelyn and Rosie, the girls will find out what. The other three books are Run for Cover, With the Enemy and Set Me Free.


5. Sleuth or Dare #3: Framed and Dangerous by Kim Harrington

A short but sweet mystery read about junior crime solvers Norah and Darcy. They’re still fighting, but crime won’t stop just for that. When the field house burns down and Norah’s soon-to-be boyfriend, Zane Munro, is accused, Norah gets Partners in Crime back on the case and uncovers the unsolved mystery of the Prom Killer. The two other books are Partners in Crime and Sleepover Stakeout


The DIY: “The Librarians” Ezekiel Jones Bookmark”

As you probably know, I am in LOVE with the Librarians, and Ezekiel Jones in particular. I decided to make a fun tassel bookmark to showcase my love!

You will need cardstock, string (optional for the tassel) a picture of Ezekiel Jones (or other cute fictional character) and pixel speech bubbles that you can make yourself using the link in DIY Tumblr and Instagram Inspired Wall Art.

The speech bubbles should have one saying “I Love You”, one saying “Yeah”  and one saying “Well I Love Ezekiel Jones”, or whatever fictional character you chose.

Step One. Get your speech bubbles together with your photo in a word document. Make sure to save your speech bubbles as a PNG so that they have no background when you layer them on top of your photo like a text message.

Step Two. Glue to cardstock and cut out. ***Optional*** Use a one hole punch to make a spot in the middle for your tassel. Wrap string around your fingers until it is at a suitable size for you. Slide off your hand and tie the top with string. Cut the bottom open so it gives a tassely feel. I just made that a word guys! Use what is left of the string you tied around the top to tie it through the hole.

I hope that you guys enjoyed my post and enjoy my DIY ideas. Special thanks to my International viewers out there who enjoy reading my blog. Please follow my blog using the button on the homepage and remember to recommend Books Crafts and DIYs to yoru friends! Ta for now!



DIY Keychains!

My parents just gave me a set of keys!!! To make sure that I would not lose them (something i did on the very first day I had them), I decided to make some really creative and unique key chains that I knew nobody else would have. I came up with three really creative ideas that worked out really well. So, do you guys want to hear them? I’m going to assume so because you are reading this post.


  1. TV Show Keychains

I love to watch TV, don’t you? Like most people, I have favorites. Some of mine include “The Librarians”, “Stranger Things”, “Death in Paradise” and BBC’s “Class”. To save some money and grief (you can’t find things for some shows anywhere!), i decided that i was going to make them myself.

You will need string or a jump ring, cardstock or paperboard, clear tape, patterned duct tape and printouts of TV show logos

Step One. Select some TV show logos and paste them into a Word file. Print

Step Two. Cut out a piece of cardstock or paperboard (the cardboard from cereal boxes) and cover in duct tape. Punch a hole in the top.

Step Three. Tape on your logo. Thread a string or a jump ring through the hole. Attach to your key to finish


2. Tumblr Inspired: Pixel Speech Bubble Keychains

I love pixel speech bubbles. They are totally awesome. When i made keycahins, i just had to have some.

You will need pixel speech bubbles with sassy sayings (ex. only Librarians can touch my keys, the sass is strong with this one, excuse me while i fangirl and don’t let anyone tell you your not a Unicorn), clear tape and string

Step One. Print and cut out your speech bubbles. Cut a length of string that you desire.

Step Two. Thread one end of the string through the hole on your key or the jump ring its attached to and then put the two ends on the blank side of the speech bubble. Cover both sides in tape to finish.


3. Quote Keychain

I just love inspirational quotes! Everybody does, right? I used a quote from a Fireflight song called “Unbreakable” for this DIY. Forget the fear/its just a crutch/that tried to hold you back and turn your dreams to dust/all you need to do is just/ trust – Fireflight, Unbreakable.

You will need duckling tape (mini duct tape or washi tape), string and a quote printout.

Step One. Cut tou your quote and rim in duct tape. Leave the tape at the top open.

Step Two. Thread one end of the string through the jump ring or hole in the key and connect both ends to the tape. Fold the tape over and cut off the excess

I hope you guys enjoy this DIY and that you will press the follow button on my homepage so that you will be alerted of new posts and won’t miss out! Enjoy life and /i will see you next time on Books Crafts and DIYs!


DIY “The Librarians” Phone Case

Hey guys! Who loves watching “The Librarians”? Isn’t Ezekiel Jones so dreamy! Why is he the one who always nearly dies? It’s an amazing show that is totally worth fan-girling over! It is about four seemingly random people: A super dreamy Australian master thief (Ezekiel Jones!), A smart red-head with a brain tumor (Cassandra Cillian), A counter-terrorism agent (Col. Eve Barid) and a bar fighter from Oklahoma (Jacob Stone) who are hired by the library to help stop magic from destroying the world. It stars super dreamy John Harlan Kim as Ezekiel, Lindy Booth as Cassandra, Rebecca Romjin as Eve and Christian Kane as Jacob (or Jake for short). John Larroquette and Noah Wyle  also play fairly important characters.

Anyways, last month I introduced the ideas of fashion advice and hauls that will be happening on my blog. Those will happen, yes. But there will be mostly DIYs and books this month. I hope. I’ll do my best.

Do you ever find that you love a TV Show or movie but just can’t find any cases that fit your model of phone? I have that problem all the time. Today I will teach you how to make a super fashionable one using a quote from “The Librarians”. This really can be edited for a quote from any TV Show or movie, I just chose to use this show in particular.

You will need a phone case for your model, a background, duct tape, packing tape and a quote from your movie or TV Show.

Step One. Measure out the background and cut to size. Make sure you cut a hole for the camera. Glue to the case. Rim in duct tape.

Step Two. Cut out your quote. I used “These are the hands of a world-class thief. I don’t do punching”-Ezekiel Jones. Center in your case and glue down.

Step Three. Cover in packing tape and cut out the hole where the camera is. Slide your phone inside to finish.


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If you watch “The Librarians”, all the pusheens and grumpy cats in the world will love you


Locker Stuff!! DIYs and Revamps!

It’s that time of year again. Lockers. Sarcastic Yay. Do not let the cramped spaces bring you down, as it is easily fixed by cute stuff! Today I am going to show you the essentials that you can find anywhere for cheap, some awesome revamps on cheap stuff and totally original DIYs. Let’s get started.


  1. Locker Shelf

This is unavoidable. Lockers just do not have enough space for everything. Even if you get a few shelves, you will probably need a sturdy shelf at the bottom. This one was $1.25 at Dollarama, but they are just as cheap at The Dollar Tree or the locker section at Target and Walmart.


2. Whiteboard/Corkboard Revamp

I was at the SuperStore with my mother when she did her grocery shopping. We passed by their seasonal section and I found a large half whiteboard and half corkboard for only $2! When we got home, I decided to revamp it. I took the marker clip off the sides and covered the purple plastic part in flower patterned duct tape. Then, I blinged out the top portion with stickers.

3. Owl Magnets (Shown in #2’s Photo)

Okay, these are the best magnet clip things I have ever seen. For $1 at Dollarama, these clips come also in Peace Signs and Hearts. If you do not want to spend anything and have magnetic clips lying around, you can print off pictures of owls and glue them on.


4. Duct Tape Pencil Holders DIY

You will need duct tape, labels (I just printed off two Lily Pulitzer prints and cut the shapes I wanted out of the paper), packing tape and a tin can

Step 1. Cut three strips of duct tape and stick them to your can so that you can’t see any of the tin showing through. I like to fold the top over the rim of the can so that you get a polished look. If you run out of tape on your roll, just apply glue to the cardboardy (Is that a word) area on the bag of your pattern and wrap around the can.

Step 2. Stick your label on to your can and write whatever you choose, maybe what you are storing inside or be random like me and right things like “LOL” and “Be Awesome”. After the label has been applied, cover with packing tape for longer durability.

I loved these so much that I made the one with the British flag sticking out of it for my room! You can just put pencils and other writing utensils inside, or you can put all your essentials inside like I did. I put in a pack of tissues, a whiteboard marker, a black pen and the thumbtacks for my corkboard, but feel free to put in whatever you want.


5. Whiteboard Calendar DIY

You will need a printout of a completely blank calendar, stick-on magnets and packing tape.

The Only Step. Cut out the calendar. Cover with packing tape and fill in all the information with a whiteboard marker. Place a magnet in each corner and one in the center.


6. Personalized Magnets

You will need old magnets that you do not need, packing tape and printouts

The Only Step. Glue your pictures to the magnets and cut them out. Cut out a strip of packing tape and glue on top.

Just to give you some ideas of the things you could put on your magnets, I googled “Unicorn Emoji” and found the above picture of a panda with a unicorn’s horn that says “Keep Calm and be a Pandicorn”. I also used a picture of a kitten sitting in marshmallows, the Gryffindor emblem from Harry Potter and three pictures from one of my fave shows ever, The Librarians. Remember, this is only advice and you need to be as true to you as possible when decorating your space.

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