#StudySaturday- Organization

This is another #StudySaturday that I;m going to share with you guys! I will keep reposting them here until school starts, as a part of #TASHToSchool2017. Today we are focusing on keeping the workspace clean. Enjoy!

The Lifestyle Of An Awkward Teen Almost Genius

Ugh. Raise your hand if you can never keep your desk,locker,binder or workspace clean and organized. Just about every teenager should be raising their hand. Keeping your desk clean is a real struggle. Today, I’m going to help with that.


To keep your binder organized, put in a five set of tabs labeled ‘notes’, ‘assignments’, ‘handouts’, ‘assessments/tests’ and ‘other’. This way, pages are easier to find.

Try not to keep any loose papers. Put them in a folder or separate binder. If you have too many loose papers, it can overwhelm you.

Keep all your notes in chronological order. They’ll be easier to find that way. And the easier they are to find, the less pissed off you’ll be trying to find them.


To keep your locker organized, I would use some organizers, like folding shelves and magazine holders.

Make sure that everything has a place, and everything…

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#StudySaturday: The Simple Stuff

On my lifestyle blog, the very first #Study/Saturday was simple tips that work. I thought I;d share them here with you guys, because I know how hard studying is, and we really don’t want to do it, but we need to and i think that these tips really will make it easier.

The Lifestyle Of An Awkward Teen Almost Genius

For the first #StudySaturday, we will cover the more simple stuff. Like tips that actually work for most people. Hopefully, I can get us through the school year!

This is a series that will cover all sorts of helpful study tips and hacks for the school year.

Tip 1- Schedule Your Time

Schedule your time. It allows you to keep on track and divide your time accordingly, that way you can take appropriately sized breaks. For my schedule, I have half an hour to finish homework, then a half hour break, followed by an hour of any studying that needs to be done, broken up in the middle by an episode of BTV, or as they are more commonly called, the Billy Talent Vlogs. If you divide your time and take structured break, you are less likely to overload your brain.

Tip 2- Comfy Clothes

Wear clothes that you are…

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