Water Marble Mason Jar

Hey guys! Summer is sooooooo close now! I’m sorry i haven’t updated in a while, but i’ve been so busy. I have time now, so i’m going to post this one now. I did this so long ago and had the photo on my hard drive, so i thought it’s better late than never, right?

You will need a mason jar, nail polish and an old container

Step One. Clean the inside of your mason jar. In an old container, fill it with water to where you want the design to go up to. Pour in a few drop of nail polish. If you are more talented with water marbling, you can draw designs in there with toothpicks, but I’m not, so i left it as is.

Step Two. Dip your jar into the nail polish and leave it on a Kleenex or old cloth to dry. Dump out the water and wash the container. When the mason jar is dry, you can take a black marker and draw some kind of pattern on it, but this is optional. You may also choose to use a spray sealant, but i thought that nail polish was good enough on it’s own

Step Three. Fill the mason jar with random things you need to store. Mine has some chargers and two random erasers for some reason. To make it look cuter, i put a glitter hairtie around the top and wrote “UGH” on the lid.

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#LifeHack: Sort of Holographic Hexagon Wall Peices

Hello! Have you guys seen the music video for Alessia Cara’s Stay? It messed me up so much. So, the guy misses the elevator Alessia’s in, and then time just keeps resetting itself until he and Alessia go out, then he dies and everything just resets again. It’s crazy! Anyways, because it’s may and i needed to think (only think, haven’t actually done anything yet!) about spring cleaning. I took down a poster i’ve had for too long, but didn’t have anything to replace it, so i googled “cute Tumblr room decor” and found this. YOu can use holographic paper, i just only had tinfoil on hand.

You will need cardboard, tinfoil (or holographic paper) and *optional* Sharpies to doodle on the hexagons with.

Step One. If you are confident with your freehand skills, sketch out the shape of a hexagon. If not, simply find a template and trace it onto your cardboard. Make as many as you would like and cut them out.

Step Two. Cover each hexagon in tinfoil or holographic paper. If you wish, you can use your Sharpies to put designs on them. I used quotes and obscure references from “Stranger Things”, “The Librarians”, “Harry Potter”  and “The Outsiders”. I also wrote “ok no” and drew stripes on the rest. Tape or sticky tack to your wall to finish.

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PS. Only Outsiders fans will understand that reference at the end. So probably only me. Oh well!

Winter Room Decor!

Hey guys! Winter is almost over, thank Mother Nature for that! Then I realized that i haven’t done a seasonal room decor post yet. So, for the last little bit of winter, and of course next year! On a side note, a great movie to watch over March Break is “Non-Stop”, which is a Liam Neeson psych thriller about an  Air Marshall who gets cryptic messages from someone on the plane. Its really good and you would never expect the ending.


1.Hot Cocoa Mug Desk Organizer

Do you have a messy desk? Do you need somewhere to put your candy? If so, this DIY is perfect for you!

You will need a tin can or other container, duct tape and plain computer paper.

Step One. Cover your container in duct tape. If you have a solid color duct tape, you can draw a decal on it. I decided to draw in the Harry Potter glasses and lightning bolt scar. Cut a circle out of your computer paper. Glue to the bottom of your tin can.

Step Two. Cut a strip of paper. Curl so that it looks like the handle on a mug. Glue to the side.


2.Olaf Wall Canvas

Contrary to the name, this is not really a canvas, but paper glued onto cardboard.

You will need a piece of cardboard and a printout of Olaf. I keep this up year round!

The Only Step. Print off your Olaf picture. I stretched mine to the margins in Word so that i had some white to fold over the sides. Cut your cardboard to fit the photo. Glue the picture down and fold the white over the sides to finish.


3. Hot Cocoa Sign

This is probably the simplest DIY in this post.

All you need is three paint markers and a piece of paper

The Only Step. Use one paint marker to make the border. Use another to write “Hot Cocoa, Marshmallows and Warm Hugs”. On either side of the “and”, use your last paint marker to draw little arrows to finish.


4. Henna Fan

This is another really simple DIY, and you can use it in just about any season. It is really relaxing to draw and i have so many of them!

You will need paper and a black marker

The Only Step. Turn your paper over to the corner. Make a black circle and start doodling outwards. To draw a henna pattern (or Mandala as they are commonly called), just try and make intricate but simple petal shapes or triangles and such and let the relaxation guide you.

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“Stranger Things” Inspired Decor

“Who watches “Stranger Things”?” Mr Hollingsworth said. “Have you seen “Stranger Things”?” My cousin Jakob asked. “I’ve been meaning to watch “Stranger Things” when you girls go back to school” Mom said. We finally got around to it, and I love it! I was looking for the logo for another DIY and came across this generator which took your text and turned it into the “Stranger Things” logo, which was so cool. I thought that I would use it as decor, but it can be used for many other things. For example, if you typed “Nancy’s Notebook”, you could print it off full page and glue it to a notebook.
I used it as a sign reading “Natasha’s Room” for my door. To make this, go to http://makeitstranger.com/. Type in what you want and press download. Press print and you are ready to go!

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DIY Room Organization Tactics

Hey guys! I know that Halloween is getting soooo close right now and that candy is all you are thinking about but have you thought about where you are going to put it yet? No? That’s what I thought. Before we begin, I have a few things to say. First of all, my blog has grown so much since I started it back in August and i want to thank my very first follower, lisaradw for being with me every step of the way and to my latest follower ikra.mortoza. Ikra, you will love this blog. I also want to say hi to my buddy Gabby at Gabby’s Gaming and DIYs!

Let’s Begin!



 1. Kitten Mason Jar

You will need a mason jar, paints and a paintbrush ***Optional*** Fragrance Mist

Step 1. Open your jar. If yours has a really and i mean REALLY bad scent, you might want to spray it with some fragrance mist before painting. I made the mistake of not doing this and it nearly ruined the DIY. Mix your paint color and do two coats on your jar.

Step 2. Paint the face. I painted a kitten but you can paint any face that you want. Fill with things and you are done!


2. Random mid-size Organizer

You will need scrapbook paper, I got this paper at www.studiodiy.com, a cereal box and duct tape

Step 1. Cut a portion of your cereal box. Cover in the paper.

Step 2. Rim in duct tape. Fill with things you need to keep on your nightstand or anywhere else, really, to finish.

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Quick Craft! DIY Phone Holder

Hello again. First off, I want to thank DIYLover on YouTube for this idea. Second of all. a HUGE shout out to my buddy Annana at TrenDIY!

Annana is a super amazing fashion blogger and deserves a lot of views so if you like this blog, check hers out!

So. Ever connect to a bluetooth speaker and find that you can’t skip to the next song or toggle between because you just cannot see your phone screen very well at all? I has found a solution!

You will need duct tape or washi tape and an empty cassette case.

The Only Step. Open the cassette case and stand it up so that it can hold your phone. Make sure that your phone fits or this will be completely useless to you . Cover in strips of duct tape. Now you’re  done!


Oh and in case you were wondering, the song shown in the picture is Me and my Broken Heart by Rixton!

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DIY Fall Room Decor!

Hi again guys! Fall is upon us and its getting colder outside. All you feel like doing is sitting on the couch with a blanket and curling up with JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or watching an episode of The Librarians with a large plate of fudge brownies and a mug of hot chocolate. Today we are going to make fall room decor to make our rooms feel as cozy as we do.


  1. Henna Letter

You will need cardboard and scissors or a letter from the craft store, brown paint and a metallic or white marker.

Step One. Cut your letter out of the cardboard and rim the sides in black duct tape. Take a paintbrush and dip it in brown paint. Paint the letter.

Step Two. Let dry. Take your metallic marker and draw little mandalas in two of the corners. Add a border and  you are done!

This DIY was inspired by LaurDIY, so huge shout out to Lauren for this amaze idea!


2. Fall Survival Checklist

You will need paper and markers.

The Only Step. Write “Checklist” At the top of your paper. Make four black outlined squares with check marks in each. Write things that you cannot live without during fall next to  the boxes. Make a fifth box in the same color you used to make the title. Again, use a check mark. Write an inspiring item like “Great Life” in an extravagant font next to it.


3. Mini Wall Art Features


You will need cardboard, auburn paint (I used Crafter’s Acrylic Burnt Umber and Bright Red mixed together) and a marker.

The Only Step. Using the same technique from the Henna Letter, make a rectangle. Paint it with your auburn paint. Once dry, write “Hello” in any language you wish, I wrote it in French. Add a border and sticky tack to your wall.


You will need the printout of an autumn scene and some duct tape.

The Only Step. Cut out the picture. Rim in duct tape and sticky tack to your wall.

See, I told you they were easy!


4. Makeup Dish

You will need a small dish, auburn and brown paint and a marker

Step One. Paint the outside of your dish brown. Once dry, paint the inside auburn.

Step Two. Once dry, write a cheerful word like “Joy” on the inside. Add a border. Fill with makeup to finish!

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DIY Tumblr and Instagram inspired Wall Art: Awesome Room Decor

Hey guys! I know a lot of you were probably wondering how I did in my Cross Country meet. I came 20th. Not bad for my first meet. Enough about that. Today we will be working on DIY wall art that is inspired by Instagram and Tumblr. These projects will easily jazz up your room in just under 10 minutes and look super fabulous!



1. Dripping Fashion Logo

You will need a paint marker, a peice of paper and a printout of your favorite fashion logo. I got this idea from a LaurDIY video and i thought that it was just so cool and i needed to try it out.

Step One. Print and cut out your fashion brand logo. Color in with your paint marker. Glue to a solid piece of paper.

Step Two. Find the ends of your logo and any inside areas. Draw staggered straight lines going down. Then, push your paint marker down on the ends to create the drip effect.


2. Instagram Snaps Mobile

You will need a wooden dowel, paint, string, instagram snaps, pixel speech bubbles,

and tape.

Step One. In Microsoft Word, insert six instagram snaps and six corresponding pixel speech bubbles. Print

Step Two. Drip dye your wooden dowel by dipping each end in a jar of paint. Let dry

Step Three. Attach three strings to the dowel and secure with clear tape

Step Four. Attach your snaps to the string with tape.


I hope that you enjoyed these fun Room Decor ideas and try them yourself. Have a very happy Thanksgiving and remember to press the follow button on the homepage of my blog. I’ll wrote again soon.



DIY Coaster and Magazine Holder: 2 Room Decor Projects

Okay, my room has not been redecorated since I was in third grade. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true… I did get a Harry Potter bedspread last Christmas and a lot of photos changed. But that’s not he point. My point is that it’s always more fun to decorate these places ourselves!



  1. Popsicle Stick and Washi Tape Coaster

You will need popsicle sticks, mod podge or school glue and washi or duct tape

Step 1. Plan how you want your coaster by laying the sticks on top of each other. I did one on each long edge and six as slats in the middle. Cover any amount you wish in washi and/or duct tape.

Step 2. Glue together and let dry



2. Keep Out Magazine Holder

You will need an empty cereal box, solid duct tape, glue and scrapbook paper. I got the Keep Out paper at www.studiodiy.com.

Step 1. Measure out and cut where you want your sloping sides. Cut the same amount in paper and glue to the front.

Step 2. Rim in duct tape and fill with whatever you want. I put my planner, story writing notebook and blog post notebook inside.

That’s all I have for today. Please let me know what you think and press like for more Room Decor posts. Press the follow button on the homepage to show your appreciation and be alerted of my new posts straight to your emails! Remember, we are crafters and Crafters Gonna Craft!