Movies That Everybody is Excited About!

SUMMER IS HERE!!! Am I the only person who has ever wanted a summer like Phineas and Ferb would have, or am i completely alone? I’m thinking of maybe seeing some movies over the summer, and there are two animated ones everybody is raving about i may go see. I’m also watching whatever good murder mysteries Hallmark can come up with and i will binge watch all my favorite series. But there are movies coming out that are generating a lot of talk. Here are seven of the most talked about movies of 2017-2019. (Yeah, i’ll go that far)

jumanji 2

1. Jumanji 2

Jack Black in Jumanji. Just picture it. Come on, i’ll wait. Just look at the photo above. There is a Jumanji 2 in the near future! Who saw the original? Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillian. Oh, just wait for this. Keep waiting. Okay, NICK JONAS is going to be in it! Nick Freaking Jonas who nobody has seen since Camp Rock 2 failed at the box office!

When a group of highschoolers discover a video game console, they are- literally- drawn into the jungle setting of the game. They discover that the only out of Jumanji is to survive it.

Name: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Release Date: December 22nd, 2017


2. The LEGO Ninjago Movie (It’s about freaking time!!)

It’s about freaking time we had this movie. I was in love with that show when i was, like, 8 maybe. I always had a thing for Kai. I don’t even know. I think it was his hair or something. OMG, guess who’s going to play Sensei Wu!?! THE JACKIE FREAKING CHAN! Jackie Chan is Sensei Wu! Sensei is described in this movie as ‘as wise-cracking as he is wise’, so i think we’re in for a laugh.

Starring Jackie Chan, Dave Franco, Micheal Pena, Abbi Jacobson, Kumail Nanjiami, Justin Theroux, Zach Woods and Fred Armiston

Name: The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Release Date: September 22nd, 2017 (Two months before Jumanji)


3. Despicable Me 3 (Heck Yeah!)

I’m Havin’ a Bad, Bad Day/ It’s About Time That I Get My Way/ Steamrolling Whatever I See/ Ha! Despicable Me!

It is about time, this should have come sooner. BTW, Gru has a brother named Dru in case you had no idea. We (apparently) meet him in this flick. The star-studded cast consists of Steve Carrell as Gru and Dru, Trey Parker as new villain Balthazar Blart, Pierre Coffin as Kevin (the minion) Kristen Wiig as Lucy and returning as the girls, Miranda Cosgrove, Diana Gaier and Nev Scharrel.

This time, Gru and Lucy face off against former ’80’s child star Balthazar Blart, who has turned into a criminal and stolen some random (famous too!) diamond that Gru’s brother Dru wants to team up with him to steal as one last criminal plot. But stealing the moon didn’t work, so neither will this. Just saying.

Name: Despicable Me 3

Release Date: June 14th, 2017


4. Cars 3

Okay… Lighting better not die, or I will scream because my childhood will have been shattered. As the commercial said ‘it’s not over until lightning strikes twice’. If you’ve seen the teaser, it looks pretty bleak for Lightning McQueen. When he is suddenly pushed out of retirement to prove that he is still in the racing game, he may just meet the same fate as the King, only worse.

Name: Cars 3

Release Date: June 6th

lego movie 2

5. The LEGO Movie 2!

Who isn’t excited? The first one was hilarious! Emmett is back! And UniKitty! We can’t forget UniKitty! Not much is known about this movie right now, but we definitely can’t wait to see it happen!

Name: The LEGO Movie Sequel

Release Date: February 8th 2019

secret life of pets 2

6. The Secret Life of Pets 2

Kevin Hart is back as evil psychotic bunny Snowball in the sequel to the ‘Secret Life of Pets’. Much like the second LEGO Movie, not much is known except for the release date

Name: The Secret Life of Pets 2

Release Date: July 3 2019

toy story 4.jpg

7. Toy Story 4

Let’s be honest, who didn’t love Toy Story as a kid? After three great movies and two half hour specials, Tim Allen and the crew of toys are back!

Name: Toy Story 4

Release Date: June 21 2019

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Quick Craft! DIY Phone Holder

Hello again. First off, I want to thank DIYLover on YouTube for this idea. Second of all. a HUGE shout out to my buddy Annana at TrenDIY!

Annana is a super amazing fashion blogger and deserves a lot of views so if you like this blog, check hers out!

So. Ever connect to a bluetooth speaker and find that you can’t skip to the next song or toggle between because you just cannot see your phone screen very well at all? I has found a solution!

You will need duct tape or washi tape and an empty cassette case.

The Only Step. Open the cassette case and stand it up so that it can hold your phone. Make sure that your phone fits or this will be completely useless to you . Cover in strips of duct tape. Now you’re  done!


Oh and in case you were wondering, the song shown in the picture is Me and my Broken Heart by Rixton!

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#LifeHack DIY Running headband

Who loves doing sports? Does anyone else find that if your hair is not fully secured, it always comes loose and messes up your sports life? I am trying to make sure that this does not happen to me during tomorrow’s Cross Country meet. Here is one of the easiest revamps possible that is so much of a #LifeHack that it will leave you amazed!

You will need a slip wrap (Also known as Running Headband) and a permanent or fabric marker.

The Only Step: Lay your slip wrap out flat. Choose a phrase. I chose “Sweet but Psycho” and ended up accidentaly spelling it wrong (phsyco!), which just adds to how sweet but psycho I am. Write your phrase on the slip wrap and flaunt it for everyone to see.


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DIY Rainbow Highlighter! #LifeHack!

Who has boring highlighters? I know I do. I have a friend named Lisara who sits next to me in class. She showed me this DIY and sent me the link to the HelloMaphie video she saw that shows how to create it. So thanks to you guys for this idea. Let’s Get Started!

You will need three highlighters. One base and two other colours.

The Only Step. Uncap your base highlighter. On one side, press one of your other colours to the highlighter and let the colour bleed onto the tip of your base. Repeat with the other colour.

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Locker Stuff!! DIYs and Revamps!

It’s that time of year again. Lockers. Sarcastic Yay. Do not let the cramped spaces bring you down, as it is easily fixed by cute stuff! Today I am going to show you the essentials that you can find anywhere for cheap, some awesome revamps on cheap stuff and totally original DIYs. Let’s get started.


  1. Locker Shelf

This is unavoidable. Lockers just do not have enough space for everything. Even if you get a few shelves, you will probably need a sturdy shelf at the bottom. This one was $1.25 at Dollarama, but they are just as cheap at The Dollar Tree or the locker section at Target and Walmart.


2. Whiteboard/Corkboard Revamp

I was at the SuperStore with my mother when she did her grocery shopping. We passed by their seasonal section and I found a large half whiteboard and half corkboard for only $2! When we got home, I decided to revamp it. I took the marker clip off the sides and covered the purple plastic part in flower patterned duct tape. Then, I blinged out the top portion with stickers.

3. Owl Magnets (Shown in #2’s Photo)

Okay, these are the best magnet clip things I have ever seen. For $1 at Dollarama, these clips come also in Peace Signs and Hearts. If you do not want to spend anything and have magnetic clips lying around, you can print off pictures of owls and glue them on.


4. Duct Tape Pencil Holders DIY

You will need duct tape, labels (I just printed off two Lily Pulitzer prints and cut the shapes I wanted out of the paper), packing tape and a tin can

Step 1. Cut three strips of duct tape and stick them to your can so that you can’t see any of the tin showing through. I like to fold the top over the rim of the can so that you get a polished look. If you run out of tape on your roll, just apply glue to the cardboardy (Is that a word) area on the bag of your pattern and wrap around the can.

Step 2. Stick your label on to your can and write whatever you choose, maybe what you are storing inside or be random like me and right things like “LOL” and “Be Awesome”. After the label has been applied, cover with packing tape for longer durability.

I loved these so much that I made the one with the British flag sticking out of it for my room! You can just put pencils and other writing utensils inside, or you can put all your essentials inside like I did. I put in a pack of tissues, a whiteboard marker, a black pen and the thumbtacks for my corkboard, but feel free to put in whatever you want.


5. Whiteboard Calendar DIY

You will need a printout of a completely blank calendar, stick-on magnets and packing tape.

The Only Step. Cut out the calendar. Cover with packing tape and fill in all the information with a whiteboard marker. Place a magnet in each corner and one in the center.


6. Personalized Magnets

You will need old magnets that you do not need, packing tape and printouts

The Only Step. Glue your pictures to the magnets and cut them out. Cut out a strip of packing tape and glue on top.

Just to give you some ideas of the things you could put on your magnets, I googled “Unicorn Emoji” and found the above picture of a panda with a unicorn’s horn that says “Keep Calm and be a Pandicorn”. I also used a picture of a kitten sitting in marshmallows, the Gryffindor emblem from Harry Potter and three pictures from one of my fave shows ever, The Librarians. Remember, this is only advice and you need to be as true to you as possible when decorating your space.

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