Quick Craft: DIY Summer Polariod Bea Miller Photo Chain


Was that a little much? Recently I’ve started listening to Bea Miller, and have gotten hooked on her music. Like seriously, it’s really good. My favorite Bea Miller songs are Dracula, Young Blood and Open Your Eyes. While a lot of her music is from 2014, it is really good and i like the messages that Young Blood and Fire N Gold send out. So i’d google these.

In honor of the summer, i wanted to do something with Tumblr photos and thanks to LaurDIY’s Celeb Trends video which cued me to search ‘celeb diys’ on YouTube and The Haute Pink Diary who made the Bea Miller Inspired DIYs video. I wanted to do something with polaroids just because and then i realized that they played a main part in the Fire N Gold music video, so i thought that i’d do something like this. Why don’t i stop talking and let’s start the DIY!

You will need Tumblr summer photos (found online), a polaroid template (also online), tape and black yarn/string.

Step One. Gather your photos. A simple google search can help with that. I googled ‘tumblr summer photos’ and ‘tumblr summer nights’. i also found my polaroid template online and put it with the photos in a Word document. Print the photos and cut them out.

Step Two. Bea Miller song lyrics. I just looked these up on AZ Lyrics and wrote ones that i thought fit with my polaroids. If you know what a polaroid looks like, then you know that the bottom part is bigger than the other three sides. That’s where the lyrics should be written. Cut a long piece of your black thread or yarn that covers the length of the wall you want to hang this up on. Tape your photos the the string/yarn and hang. If you have clothespins, you can also put them up like that, but i didn’t. It kind of takes the Tumblr away from it, but oh well. Taping it up is hard. Try not to let go. It fell on me like 5 times, soooo…..

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Quick Craft: Tints and Tones Wall Art

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Yeah. Have you seen “The Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner? No? Well, I have, and now I’m obsessed with the soundtrack “Don’t make me clo-ose one more door.. I don’t want to hurt anymore! Don’t walk away from me…..” yeah… Anyways, why don’t we begin…

You will need white, black and any color of your choice of paint. Oh, and paper.

The Only Step. To do the first five sections, you will need to add a little bit of your pure color to your white each time. For your sixth section, you will use the pure color. For the sections that follow, each time add a small amount of black to your pure color.

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Quick Craft! DIY Phone Holder

Hello again. First off, I want to thank DIYLover on YouTube for this idea. Second of all. a HUGE shout out to my buddy Annana at TrenDIY!

Annana is a super amazing fashion blogger and deserves a lot of views so if you like this blog, check hers out!

So. Ever connect to a bluetooth speaker and find that you can’t skip to the next song or toggle between because you just cannot see your phone screen very well at all? I has found a solution!

You will need duct tape or washi tape and an empty cassette case.

The Only Step. Open the cassette case and stand it up so that it can hold your phone. Make sure that your phone fits or this will be completely useless to you . Cover in strips of duct tape. Now you’re  done!


Oh and in case you were wondering, the song shown in the picture is Me and my Broken Heart by Rixton!

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Quick Craft!: 2 Minute Candy Lip Balm

Hey there guys! Tash here. Who loves scented lip balm? I have a lot of it. I have a hard time telling them all apart and then when I bring them to school, I can’t tell them apart from the ones that my friends have. A cool way to spice them up is to use candy wrappers. Let’s get started with this amazing DIY!

You will need lip balm, scotch tape, candy wrappers and glue

The Only Step. Cut your candy wrapper to size. My Cherry AirHeads wrapper was miles too big, so I had enough to make two. The Lindor wrapper was easier to trim. Glue to your lip balm. To do the cap, wrap the piece around and glue in place. Put glue on the top and fold the wrapper inwards. Tape together.

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