Tumblr E-Reader Case! Under $20!

Hey! During class we’ve been reading The Outsiders by SE Hinton, which is about two rival “gangs”, the Socs and the Greasers. Towards the end though Spoiler Alert!!! it got really sad when Dallas died. I cried so hard that i may have ruined the book… It was, however, a really good and eye-opening book. I recommend it. If you are an emotional person, keep tissues with you. I should have done that.

Anyways… How has life been? It wasn’t until I finished reading The Outsiders and decided to get a copy for my E-Reader that i remembered this was the last DIY i did before vacation. I figured i might as well share it with you guys, so here i am!

You will need a computer printout with Tumblr photography, duct tape, and an E-Reader case that fits your model. This can also be modified for a phone or tablet.

Step One. Google “tumblr photography” and select a picture you like. Goolgeling (?) “tumblr quotes” works too. Open it in a Word document and resize it. If you have PicMonkey, that works as well. Resize a small portion to fit the spine of your case. Print and cut out.

Step Two. Glue all your pictures down. Use your duct tape to frame it out. Insert your device to finish and make final cuts.

Bonus Material

Cord Storage Hack

Storing device cords and having to untangle them is a pain in a certain area. To help (and make them look stylish), you can go to the Dollar Store and buy some glitter hair ties. Tie around your cord to prevent tangles.

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DIY “The Librarians” Phone Case

Hey guys! Who loves watching “The Librarians”? Isn’t Ezekiel Jones so dreamy! Why is he the one who always nearly dies? It’s an amazing show that is totally worth fan-girling over! It is about four seemingly random people: A super dreamy Australian master thief (Ezekiel Jones!), A smart red-head with a brain tumor (Cassandra Cillian), A counter-terrorism agent (Col. Eve Barid) and a bar fighter from Oklahoma (Jacob Stone) who are hired by the library to help stop magic from destroying the world. It stars super dreamy John Harlan Kim as Ezekiel, Lindy Booth as Cassandra, Rebecca Romjin as Eve and Christian Kane as Jacob (or Jake for short). John Larroquette and Noah Wyle  also play fairly important characters.

Anyways, last month I introduced the ideas of fashion advice and hauls that will be happening on my blog. Those will happen, yes. But there will be mostly DIYs and books this month. I hope. I’ll do my best.

Do you ever find that you love a TV Show or movie but just can’t find any cases that fit your model of phone? I have that problem all the time. Today I will teach you how to make a super fashionable one using a quote from “The Librarians”. This really can be edited for a quote from any TV Show or movie, I just chose to use this show in particular.

You will need a phone case for your model, a background, duct tape, packing tape and a quote from your movie or TV Show.

Step One. Measure out the background and cut to size. Make sure you cut a hole for the camera. Glue to the case. Rim in duct tape.

Step Two. Cut out your quote. I used “These are the hands of a world-class thief. I don’t do punching”-Ezekiel Jones. Center in your case and glue down.

Step Three. Cover in packing tape and cut out the hole where the camera is. Slide your phone inside to finish.


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If you watch “The Librarians”, all the pusheens and grumpy cats in the world will love you