Line and Sinker- Learning to Hold Your Head Up High.

There is a song by Billy Talent that is called Line and Sinker. Once you get past the screaming at the beginning, and pay attention to the actual lyrics, it is a song baout holding your head high.

The main character of the song feels as if nobody in the world cares about him. Even Santa Claus. He’s always teased, but he finds a way through despite.

I have felt like that before, but I have learned how to shrug it off and be like ‘who even cares?’. Today, the strangest thing happened. There are two kids in mainstream who barely know me, and probably don’t like me very much (if you guys are reading this, you know who you are) and this loser idiot kept rubbing it in my face about how I lost the student council election and he was being really sarcastic about the entire thing like ‘oh, congratulations on being elected’ and ‘you can really help make a difference on student council as the new communications minister’, and the one girl said ‘leave her alone Savvy, you’re being really rude’ and the other boy said ‘yeah, that’s really not nice’, and it’s things like this that can really brighten your day. It encourages you to carry on.

Holding your head high may sound really difficult, but you know, as long as you have confidence in yourself, it is really easy. You just need to remember that loser idiots like that don’t even matter at all. They are just trying to put you down so they can feel tall. Embrace your uniqueness, even if nobody else can see how unique you are. Because you are beautiful and you are worth people’s time, and if they can’t see that, then you obviously don’t need them.


Leave Them All Behind: A Message on self-Esteem and Self-Respect and that stuff.

Also a Billy Talent song. Yeah. Should I have said that in the title? forget that fact for a minute. this was inspired by a very similar post by supernaturalsnark on her HIP TO BE SNARK blog. Forget the fact that ‘Leave Them All Behind’ is a rock/punk/alternative song for a minute. Just let me explain the premise and relate it to life.

Haters. No other way to say this. You hate them. It’s a fact. Great life tip: DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT THEY SAY! Don’t let them bring you down because you know that their words mean nothing. you are beautiful. You are amazing. You are worth the time. Not theirs. Let the haters be haters.

Fake friends. We hate them too. Sometimes, we don’t even know that they are fake friends until they turn on us.

It’s easy to pretend until they turn their back on you
And all the ones that bring you down, their colors weren’t that true

Just remember that. Their colors weren’t true, and you don’t need them. I have been through multiple occasions like this. It isn’t the end of the world. in fact, you’re better off without them.

Self-Doubt. We’ll all experience it at some point in our life. I experience it a lot. We tell ourselves that there is no way we can do something, but we’re wrong because if we put our minds to it, we can. We’re only telling ourselves that it’s impossible.

Loneliness. We’ve all been there. We have all felt as if there hasn’t been anybody there for us. There  are people there, though. Why we don’t see that is a mystery. you aren’t alone. Ben Kowalewicz said it himself. And you know what? Sometimes, you can’t depend on other people, and it just ends up being a me, myself and I situation, and that’s okay. Just make sure you have one or two friends to talk to, even if they are just online.

Self-Esteem/Respect. NEVER put yourself down. You are amazing, and you need to tell yourself that. You may not know your why yet.What you are meant to do. You are meant to do something great. Remember that.

It don’t matter what went wrong this time, don’t matter what went right
We’re always searching for the reason why
And the longest road to find it will take many years to climb
Don’t wait up for that moment to arrive
Leave them all behind

Leave the haters, fake friends and your self-doubt behind, and just go for it. You are worth the time. You are great. You can do epic stuff. Just believe in yourself.

To listen to ‘Leave Them all Behind’, click here!

Fly my darling. Leave them all behind and do what you were meant to do!



 Leave Them All Behind

A Motivational Message From the Journal of an Awkward Almost-Genius (AKA Me)

As Ben Kowalewicz (The Billy Talent vocalist) once said, ‘So many people will try to stop you, but you can’t let them. Live life to the fullest, and have however much  fun that you want.’ I personally think that this is great advice to live by, but does it apply to every situation? Does it apply to my situations and experiences? Call me crazy, but I look up to Ben and the guys in Billy Talent because, well look at them! They were like me, the dorks, the misfits and the outsiders in highschool who all had one common interest: rock music. they formed a group called Pezz and recorded tier first album in guitarist Ian D’Sa’s basement. This was almost 25 years ago. Pezz is still going strong, just under a different name. Now called Billy Talent, they can knock down any obstacle that stands in their way. Heck, they were willing to put the entire production of Afraid Of Heights on hold because of drummer Aaron Solowonuick’s MS relapse, but Aaron insisted that they soldier on without him. The bond that they have is crazy. They were once like me. So was JK Rowling, and they all went on to do something great. None of them ever fit in. They all had humble beginnings. They weren’t popular or well-liked. JK Rowling ended up on welfare, but still made Harry Potter happen. I am destined for greatness, or so I’ve been told. Or maybe I’m destined to be the villain in my own story.

All of us have the potential for great things. It’s just a matter of -ugh- effort and how we use that potential. If we put our minds to it, we can achieve greatness. I hope. I wan tto be the next JK Rowling, SE Hinton or Mary Higgins Clark. You look at some of these people an think they have it made, but you need to look at where they came from. Most of them built up their empire and wealth from absolutely nothing. Nobody great ever got there without actual effort. Nothing in life is free. Weather the price is money, or effort, you’re always paying somehow, and it always pays off. So go cahse your dreams, they aren’t out of reach.