1 Year of Little Miss Talent!

I have officially had this blog for 1 year! It was August 23rd, 2016, when I thought that it would be freaking awesome to start a blog. And so I did. At first, my only followers were my friends from school. Then more other people started to read it. And now I’m at 30 followers. I never expected this to happen, especially since im only 13.

Most Viewed Posts

My most veiwed posts in this one year of being around are… DRUMROLL PLEASE…..

1. Afraid of Heights Album Unboxing and First Listen

2.Disney Princesses who Should Have their Movies Made Live-Action + Fantasy Casting

3.#StudySaturday- Organization

(Technically from my other blog, but whatever!)

Favorite Posts

My favorite posts, I have to say, are

1. Afraid of Heights Album Unboxing and First Listen

2. DIY Librarians Phone Case

3. Ben Kowalewicz Quotes to Brighten Your Day

(Technically from my other blog, but whatever!)

Most Liked Posts

There are quite a few posts that sport these likes,


I’d like to give a huge shout-out to and thank all 30 of my wonderful followers and anyone who has ever clicked the like button on one of my posts, or left an encouraging comment over this year of trail runs. And you  know what? I absolutely love blogging, so me and both my blogs will be back for another great year!

I love you guys all so much!



Best Posts of 2016!

Can you believe that 2016 is nearly over? Well I can’t. It seems like just yesterday was that August day when i first decided to make a blog. I’ve actually recently started watching “Relic Hunter”, which is a show that started towards the end of 1999 which stars Tia Carrere as Sydney Fox, Christien Anholt as Nigel Bailey and “The Librarians”‘s Lindy Booth as Claudia. It is about a university professor who is also a known relic hunter and she often goes on crazy expeditions with her teaching assistant.  They are closely aided by their secretary who remains at their “Home Base” of Trinity College. That is actually something that i enjoy watching. You should try watching it. Anyways, here is a collection of my absolute best posts this year!

  1. DIY Librarians Phone Case

This post is one of my absolute favorites. I made the case over the summer when i binge-watched the first two seasons. Then i got a blog and thought that “hey, lets make a post devoted to all things “The Librarians””, but i thought instead to make it a tag and have an entire section about the show that i love. If anyone is interested in watching, it is on TNT and Space at 8pm on Sundays.

2.Fall Fashion Advice

This post holds the record  for most likes. This was inspired by Aanana on her blog, TrenDIY, where she blogs about fashion and DIYs. I got the idea after we had a conversation one morning at school when we waited for the bell to ring. As soon as i came home, my IPod was out and i was taking the photos for the first if many fashion advice posts.

3 DIY Instagram and Tumblr inspired wall art: Awesome  Room Decor.

This post was one of my many faves this year. I saw a LaurDIY video where she made a gold dripping Chanel logo, so i tried for Bluenotes and it turned out great! The mobile was inspired also by Lauren, who made one with triangles. I tried with Instagram snaps, and voila!

4. Six DIYs to do for the Back to School Season

My very first blog post. This was the first thing i posted on that summer morning when i got the flash of genius that impelled me to create this blog. This was there even before my first follower, lisaradw. Thanks Lisara for being the follower who kept this blog going when i thought that no one was reading. Look at my blog now! Thanks so much!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this special commemoration post to honour the end of 2016. Give “Relic Hunter” a try and let me know what you thought. Thank you for reading this and expect a three-part Christmas Haul coming soon! Post soon!