Line and Sinker- Learning to Hold Your Head Up High.

There is a song by Billy Talent that is called Line and Sinker. Once you get past the screaming at the beginning, and pay attention to the actual lyrics, it is a song baout holding your head high.

The main character of the song feels as if nobody in the world cares about him. Even Santa Claus. He’s always teased, but he finds a way through despite.

I have felt like that before, but I have learned how to shrug it off and be like ‘who even cares?’. Today, the strangest thing happened. There are two kids in mainstream who barely know me, and probably don’t like me very much (if you guys are reading this, you know who you are) and this loser idiot kept rubbing it in my face about how I lost the student council election and he was being really sarcastic about the entire thing like ‘oh, congratulations on being elected’ and ‘you can really help make a difference on student council as the new communications minister’, and the one girl said ‘leave her alone Savvy, you’re being really rude’ and the other boy said ‘yeah, that’s really not nice’, and it’s things like this that can really brighten your day. It encourages you to carry on.

Holding your head high may sound really difficult, but you know, as long as you have confidence in yourself, it is really easy. You just need to remember that loser idiots like that don’t even matter at all. They are just trying to put you down so they can feel tall. Embrace your uniqueness, even if nobody else can see how unique you are. Because you are beautiful and you are worth people’s time, and if they can’t see that, then you obviously don’t need them.


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