The First Day Of School. Expectations VS Reality

The first day of school……..


Your alarm goes off at 6:25, playing (insert favorite song here) to wake you up. You spring out of bed full of enthusiasm for the coming day


The alarm goes off and you roll over, covering your face with your pillow. You grudgingly get out of bed when your jam finishes and dread what is going to come.


Everybody is accepting of your new style and the way you changed over the summer. Everybody is glad to see you back.


Your punk rock style does not go down well with your peers. You get called ‘edgy’ multiple times by people you don’t get along with, and the usual buttheads are annoying you.


Your schedule is perfect. You immediately pick out the days you are looking forward to the most. The day that has a perfect blend of all your favorite subjects. You sign up for every club possible and have a generally bearable experience.


Your schedule is a blend of hate, hate and love. There is no one day that you actually end up looking forward to. You don’t sign up for any clubs, just the usual office helping, that gets you called a teachers pet.


This is just how the first day was for me. If everything met your expectations, that’s absolutely amazing, and it also means that your experience was way freaking better than mine. Remember to  follow my blog and like my posts to show that you like my content, it really supports me. This just being a hobby, i dont post as often as I could and there isnt a schedule, but i keep trying. Ill see u next time,


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