Tumblr E-Reader Case! Under $20!

Hey! During class we’ve been reading The Outsiders by SE Hinton, which is about two rival “gangs”, the Socs and the Greasers. Towards the end though Spoiler Alert!!! it got really sad when Dallas died. I cried so hard that i may have ruined the book… It was, however, a really good and eye-opening book. I recommend it. If you are an emotional person, keep tissues with you. I should have done that.

Anyways… How has life been? It wasn’t until I finished reading The Outsiders and decided to get a copy for my E-Reader that i remembered this was the last DIY i did before vacation. I figured i might as well share it with you guys, so here i am!

You will need a computer printout with Tumblr photography, duct tape, and an E-Reader case that fits your model. This can also be modified for a phone or tablet.

Step One. Google “tumblr photography” and select a picture you like. Goolgeling (?) “tumblr quotes” works too. Open it in a Word document and resize it. If you have PicMonkey, that works as well. Resize a small portion to fit the spine of your case. Print and cut out.

Step Two. Glue all your pictures down. Use your duct tape to frame it out. Insert your device to finish and make final cuts.

Bonus Material

Cord Storage Hack

Storing device cords and having to untangle them is a pain in a certain area. To help (and make them look stylish), you can go to the Dollar Store and buy some glitter hair ties. Tie around your cord to prevent tangles.

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5 Books to Read Over the Easter Long Weekend + Chocolate Bar Bookmark

Hey. How many boring Easter dinners did you go to where you needed a book or five? Well……. I have a bunch to use next time! With out further ado,  the blog post! Another stupid thing i’ve said on this blog.


  1. Zodiac Legacy #1: Convergence by Stan Lee

Meet Steven Lee. Your average Chinese-American boy. You thought. You were wrong. After an accident at a Chinese cultural museum in Hong Kong, he is left with the Zodiac powers of a tiger. Taken in by Jasmine and Carlos, he heads out to find the four other Zodiac teens and defeat the Vanguard Maxwell from destroying the world. The books are Convergence, The Dragon’s Return and coming soon, The Balance of Power.


2. Undercover Girl #2: Fugitive  by Christine Harris

Jesse has worked for C2 for as long as she can remember. After being orphaned, C2 took her in and trained her to be a secret agent as part of an experimental program. She needs to bring a man named Ari in, but has not been told why. At the same time, she has been tasked with infiltrating Peace First. What is Ari’s connection? Why is C2 making her do this? The books are Secrets, Nightmare, Danger and Twisted.


3. Slacker by Gordon Korman

Cameron is a true gamer and a slacker. Although, one day it goes to far and he nearly burns down his house trying to beat the pants off Evil McKillPeople, his worst enemy, a gamer so good, nobody can beat him. His parents then pressure him into starting a school club. So he does. A fake one. But people then think it’s real and he goes in over his head.

blood ties

4. Spirit Animals #3: Blood Ties by Garth Nix and Sean Williams

In Erdas, a world where children become teens and drink the Nectar of Ninani to see if they can bond with a spirit animal, four teens from four different parts of the world have brought back four of the Great Beasts. Something once thought to be impossible. When the Conquerors invade, they are the only ones who can stop them. Meilin, however, threw a wrench into that plan when she decided to run away and go back to Zhong. The books are Wild Born, Hunted, Fire and Ice, Against the Tides, Rise and Fall and The Evertree.

amulet keepers

5. Tombquest #2: Amulet Keepers by Micheal Northrop

After his near death experience, Alex Sennefer has been living on borrowed time. To cure him, his mother used the Egyptian Lost Spells.. and released the Death Walkers. To stop the second Death Walker, Alex and best friend Ren must travel to London where people have gone missing, blood rains from the sky and graves have been opened. The books are Book of the Dead, Valley of Kings, Stone Warriors and The Final Kingdom


The DIY: Chocolate Bar Bookmark

You will need a chocolate bar wrapper, tape and paper.

The Only Step. Open your wrapper. Measure and cut a length of paper to fit inside. Fold in half to double up the amount of paper and tape the wrapper closed around it.

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What to Wear to Yoga Class!!

Yoga. Relaxing. Therapeutic. Good for Athletes. What’s not to like? Exactly. Ever have that problem where you simply can’t decide what to wear to your yoga/fitness class? Never fear, Books, Crafts and DIYs is here! That sounded so stupid…


For my yoga class, i wore simple Ardene Move capris and an Old Navy Active top that says “Fierce” down the front. I tied my hair up with a glittery hair tie and used one off my many DIY Running Headbands.


How do you get everything to and from class? If you’ve been doing a rather vigorous workout and are all covered in sweat, you obviously do not want to go home in the same clothes. In another bag, have your Emergency Kit, a hairbrush (sweat makes hair unruly), a water bottle, a change of clothes and either food, money to buy food or gift cards to food places. Bring coupons too. If you are still hunting for the perfect bag, i have found one! The DIY Galaxy Tote Bag! A super stylish and out of this world option.

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Quick Craft: Tints and Tones Wall Art

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Yeah. Have you seen “The Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner? No? Well, I have, and now I’m obsessed with the soundtrack “Don’t make me clo-ose one more door.. I don’t want to hurt anymore! Don’t walk away from me…..” yeah… Anyways, why don’t we begin…

You will need white, black and any color of your choice of paint. Oh, and paper.

The Only Step. To do the first five sections, you will need to add a little bit of your pure color to your white each time. For your sixth section, you will use the pure color. For the sections that follow, each time add a small amount of black to your pure color.

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