5 Books to Make Your Plane Ride Better+DIY “The Librarians” Ezekiel Jones Bookmark!

Hey! I know that i have not posted in a while but there’s been the holidays and i’ve been on vacation. I had a lot of schoolwork to catch up on and such. Do you guys know Peter Answers.com? No? I totally used it to trigger my friend Presley at PresleyGames, and he was soo mad because i knew the trick and he didn’t! Don’t look at your screen like im going to tell you, because i’m not. Google it. Anyways…… Aren’t plane rides so boring! I have 5 boredom-busting books that will keep you entertained the whole time.


  1. Innocent by Eric Walters

Did i mention that this book is a part of the “Secrets”, my favorite book series ever? After the orphanage burns down, Lizzy (Betty, Elizabeth Anne Roberts) is sent to Kingston to work for the Remingtons as a maid. The same job that her mother had years before. When she finds out that her father is currently in prison for her mother’s murder, she is beside herself with emotion thinking “This is the man who murdered my mother!”, but she launches her pwn investigation anyway and meets David, a young, handsome cop who’s intrest is more in Lizzy than the case. These books can be read in any order and the other six are called The Unquiet Past, Small Bones, Stones on a Grave, A big Dose of Lucky, My Life Before Me and Shattered Glass


2. Magesterium #1: The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Call wants nothing to do with the Magesterium. His father always told him that magic was dangerous, and he’s right! When Call almost kills himself trying not to get in, he accidentally gets himself a one way ticket! Soon he meets Aaron and Tamara who help him through tough life at the school, but there is a threat lurking somewhere, and these three may just have to fight it.


3. Masterminds by Gordon Korman

Eli lives in a perfect town and leads a perfect life. Until Randy abruptly moves. From that day onward, Eli knows there has to be something going on. Why would Randy want to leave? Serenity is perfect and everybody has everything! But a shocking discovery at the Orange Cone factory will shock these five teens to the core! Th other books are Criminal Destiny and Payback


4. Tomorrow Girls #1: Behind the Gates by Eva Gray

Louisa and Maddie live in a war-torn dystopia Chicago. They are among the lucky few girls being sent to Country Manor School (CMS), away from the violence of the war against the Alliance. But this school is hiding something, and with new friends Evelyn and Rosie, the girls will find out what. The other three books are Run for Cover, With the Enemy and Set Me Free.


5. Sleuth or Dare #3: Framed and Dangerous by Kim Harrington

A short but sweet mystery read about junior crime solvers Norah and Darcy. They’re still fighting, but crime won’t stop just for that. When the field house burns down and Norah’s soon-to-be boyfriend, Zane Munro, is accused, Norah gets Partners in Crime back on the case and uncovers the unsolved mystery of the Prom Killer. The two other books are Partners in Crime and Sleepover Stakeout


The DIY: “The Librarians” Ezekiel Jones Bookmark”

As you probably know, I am in LOVE with the Librarians, and Ezekiel Jones in particular. I decided to make a fun tassel bookmark to showcase my love!

You will need cardstock, string (optional for the tassel) a picture of Ezekiel Jones (or other cute fictional character) and pixel speech bubbles that you can make yourself using the link in DIY Tumblr and Instagram Inspired Wall Art.

The speech bubbles should have one saying “I Love You”, one saying “Yeah”  and one saying “Well I Love Ezekiel Jones”, or whatever fictional character you chose.

Step One. Get your speech bubbles together with your photo in a word document. Make sure to save your speech bubbles as a PNG so that they have no background when you layer them on top of your photo like a text message.

Step Two. Glue to cardstock and cut out. ***Optional*** Use a one hole punch to make a spot in the middle for your tassel. Wrap string around your fingers until it is at a suitable size for you. Slide off your hand and tie the top with string. Cut the bottom open so it gives a tassely feel. I just made that a word guys! Use what is left of the string you tied around the top to tie it through the hole.

I hope that you guys enjoyed my post and enjoy my DIY ideas. Special thanks to my International viewers out there who enjoy reading my blog. Please follow my blog using the button on the homepage and remember to recommend Books Crafts and DIYs to yoru friends! Ta for now!



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