Best Posts of 2016!

Can you believe that 2016 is nearly over? Well I can’t. It seems like just yesterday was that August day when i first decided to make a blog. I’ve actually recently started watching “Relic Hunter”, which is a show that started towards the end of 1999 which stars Tia Carrere as Sydney Fox, Christien Anholt as Nigel Bailey and “The Librarians”‘s Lindy Booth as Claudia. It is about a university professor who is also a known relic hunter and she often goes on crazy expeditions with her teaching assistant.  They are closely aided by their secretary who remains at their “Home Base” of Trinity College. That is actually something that i enjoy watching. You should try watching it. Anyways, here is a collection of my absolute best posts this year!

  1. DIY Librarians Phone Case

This post is one of my absolute favorites. I made the case over the summer when i binge-watched the first two seasons. Then i got a blog and thought that “hey, lets make a post devoted to all things “The Librarians””, but i thought instead to make it a tag and have an entire section about the show that i love. If anyone is interested in watching, it is on TNT and Space at 8pm on Sundays.

2.Fall Fashion Advice

This post holds the record  for most likes. This was inspired by Aanana on her blog, TrenDIY, where she blogs about fashion and DIYs. I got the idea after we had a conversation one morning at school when we waited for the bell to ring. As soon as i came home, my IPod was out and i was taking the photos for the first if many fashion advice posts.

3 DIY Instagram and Tumblr inspired wall art: Awesome  Room Decor.

This post was one of my many faves this year. I saw a LaurDIY video where she made a gold dripping Chanel logo, so i tried for Bluenotes and it turned out great! The mobile was inspired also by Lauren, who made one with triangles. I tried with Instagram snaps, and voila!

4. Six DIYs to do for the Back to School Season

My very first blog post. This was the first thing i posted on that summer morning when i got the flash of genius that impelled me to create this blog. This was there even before my first follower, lisaradw. Thanks Lisara for being the follower who kept this blog going when i thought that no one was reading. Look at my blog now! Thanks so much!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this special commemoration post to honour the end of 2016. Give “Relic Hunter” a try and let me know what you thought. Thank you for reading this and expect a three-part Christmas Haul coming soon! Post soon!


Birthday Haul! (I got mostly books)

Hi friends! My birthday was on the 23rd. I know, i know, i get three straight days of presents. Its mostly lucky and amazing. I got so many books for my birthday, it was crazy. Then again, i LOVE books, so who’s complaining? Hahaha. Just a funny story. For my birthday, my friends opened my locker before school and stuffed my locker with balloons and little decorations. I was attacked by balloons  when i opened the door. Hahaha. So. How’s Life? Mine is good, thank you. Are you going to watch the episode of “The Librarians” on Christmas? For some crazy reason though, they are not making it an Xmas special. Why!! Anyways, its mostly on a plane, but i think that Cassie and Ezekiel get closer. I hope they kiss this season. Anyhow, this is the complete haul of my birthday gifts. Enjoy!



  1. Gallagher Girls #1: I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you by Ally Carter

Cammie Morgan is no ordinary girl who goes to no ordinary school. The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women is not a boarding school for the boring and preppy. It is a boarding school for young CIA operatives in training. Cammie’s mom just happens to be the headmistress. When she meets an ordinary boy who thinks she is an ordinary girl, she has no idea what to do. I mean sure, Cammie can tap into his phone, hack his laptop and track him through town, but that’s not how you get a boy to like you. Especially a boy who can never know who you are.


2. Gallagher Girls #5: Out of sight, Out of time by Ally Carter

Cammie only remembers leaving the Gallagher Academy to protect her friends and family from the Circle of Cavan. The only traces of her summer are bruises and dirt on her body and under her nails. She just wants to go home. When she gets back to the academy, nothing is clear. There are more questions than answers. The Circle will not let her discover what she did last summer. She, Zach and her besties must race against time and across the world to find out what happened over summer vacay. The books are I‘d tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you(1.),Cross my heart and hope to spy, Don’t judge a girl by her cover and United we spy


3. Hogwarts Alumni Makeup Bag

This is a stylish Harry Potter makeup bag from Hot Topic. Inside, it is completely open with only one mesh pocket on the lid. It’s a nice bag that i am probably going to use to fill with nail polish bottles and other stuff like that.


4.Zodiac Legacy #2: The Dragon’s Return by Stan Lee, Andie Tong and Stuart Moore

In Convergence Steven Lee and his friends discovered the power of the Zodiac. The also defeated the Vanguard Max. Or so they thought. The team is falling drastically close to apart and the Vanguard is coming back. Jasmine’s dragon power grows stronger and the lines between good-guy and bad-guy blur, all leading up to a major cliffhanger. The only other book so far is Convergence


5. The Artifact Vault

The Artifact Vault is  a Hogwarts-textbook-style companion to the movies. This book talks about all the artifacts from the books and how it was determined they should be configured in the movies. just remember after reading this that you are never to judge a book series by the movies. Crappy movies don’t mean crappy books.


6. Moana Bookmark

This is a self-explanatory, stylish and very Disney bookmark by Artitouch. The best thing on this bookmark is the pig. Definitely the pig. So cute!


7.The Lost Property Office by James R. Hannibal

Jack can find things. Not just a sock hidden under the bed or money stuffed in between the couch cushions. No, he can find things that people like you and me have given up on ever seeing ever again. Things that are lost halfway across London. Or the world for that matter. As the series is fairly new as of now, this is the only book.


8. Pickering Town Centre Gift Card

This is a gift card that can be used just about anywhere in the whole entire mall. There is an expiry date that is only for deactivating the card. Customer Service can load your balance onto a new one. Knowing me, I’ll spend it way before that day. There are also $2..50 fees every month starting at month 16. It is deducted on its own and is not preventable. Then again, i will have spent it before then.


7. Customized Judo Gi ornament

This ornament is currently on my Christmas tree. My little sister and i both do judo and her birthday is on the 15th. She opened hers way before I got mine. I was soo jealous that she had a custom ornament and i didn’t, so at first i was ticked off, but then I opened mine and was just like “Cue the Mystical ‘auhhhh'” and yeah.


8.Suzy Toronto 2017 Calendar

I have no apparent idea of who this person is, but she has great life advice. I have her 2016 calendar and the advice on ti was fantastic. This one says things like “don’t let anyone dull your sparkle” “make waves” and “don’t judge a book by its movie”(amen to that!). You can find them at Costco.


9. Newt Scammander: Movie Scrapbook

This is soooo cool. Does anybody have the book Treasures of Coronation Street? I know that my mom does. Basically, this is like that. There are all these little things that you can pull out and it really gets into how the movie works and all that sort of stuff. There are other movie scrapbook, but this one centers in on Newt and the Fantastic Beasts.


10. Do not disturb unless you have Presents wooden sign

This cute little sign is actually from the Christmas Tree Store in New York. There is another one that says “unless your name is Santa, don’t knock”. This sign is really cute and i just have it hanging from my doorknob. It makes a nice winter decoration.

Thanks for reading my post. Can you believe that it is nearly 2017 already! Thank you to all my followers for being there since i started in August. Have yourselves a Merry little Christmas or whatever holiday, may it be Hanukah, Kwanzaa or just simply the winter solstice! I’ll talk to you guys again soon! Hopefully. Probably. Most Likely. Yes. TTYL!


#LifeHack: Duct Tape Spike Bracelet

Hello again! I am back with another #LifeHack for you guys! I always see these really nice pieces of jewelry at like Aeropostale or Justice but when i look at the price tag, suddenly they are not actually that nice. So I took about a book from the library on how to make various duct tape fashion items, which is how I discovered the Potato Chip bag Tote.

And there is actually a funny story to that. Hahaha. The expiry date on the chips was actually my birthday! Hahaha. Now back to this. You will need two kinds of duct tape, lined paper and scotch tape.

Step One. Cut little spikes out of the lined paper. You can use any scrap paper or no paper at all, but I like to have a base. Cover in alternating colors of duct tape.

Step Two. Cut a thin-ish strip of duct tape. Lay down your peices how you would like your bracelet to be on top. Make sure they are secured and wrap around your wrist. Secure with a small piece of scotch tape. **Note that over time, the scotch tape will lose stickiness and you will need to replace it**


Thanks for reading this post. In case i don’t post before Christmas, let me say merry Christmas now. Merry Christmas! Please like if you would like to see more #LifeHack posts and don’t forget to look at some of my other great posts. Plewase follow using the button on the homepage to enure that you do not miss out. Happy Holidays!


5 Books to Read over Winter Break+ DIY Quote Bookmark

It’s getting colder and you want to stay inside literally all day.  What makes that better than a book? Not much. Only hot chocolate, sugar cookies and “The Librarians”, “Death and Paradise” or “Fresh off the Boat” are what I can think of. I love to cozy up with a fluffy blanket and a book with the fireplace on while the snow blazes around outside. Then again, who doesn’t like that? Here are five books and a DIY that will help you get through your winter break.


1. Jingle by Gordon Korman

Griffin Bing is the man with a plan. Even he couldn’t get out of this one. When his friend Logan Kellerman signs them all up to be elves in the holiday spectacular, even the biggest plan can’t get them out of it. But when a blackout results in the theft of the Star of Prague, they are the ones blamed for it. If they can’t find the Star soon, it could be the least wonderful time of the year, behind bars. See my opinion on Swindle here.


2. Dashing Through the Snow by Mary and Carol Higgins Clark

A holiday mystery from bestselling mother-daughter duo Mary and Carol Higgins Clark. In Branscombe, New Hampshire, the town is preparing for the first annual Festival of Joy. Four employees at Conklin’s market buy a lottery ticket. The next Friday, Glenda, Marion, Tommy and Ralph become millionaires. But wait, what happened to Duncan Graham, the fifth employee who at the last minute decided not to play? Did he decide to buy the ticket in the next town over that is also worth millions? Sounds like a case for Alvirah Meehan and Regan Reilly!


3. Loot by Jude Watson

Okay, not a Christmas book. But definitely a book that will get you through all the boring holiday parties with non-stop 12-year-old tweenagers antics. After his father, world-renowned cat burglar Alfie McQuinn falls to his death from a rooftop in Amsterdam, March is sent to an  orphanage for troubled kids, he finds his sister Jules. When he finds out that there are three diamonds to be found that are worth millions, the orphanages children set out to both find and steal them. the current only other book is Sting.


4. 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass

Like all stupid mistakes, Tara Brennan’s involved a goat. More specifically, trying to steal a stuffed goat from her principle. After finding this out, Her mother sends her to the sleepy and quiet town of Willow Falls. There she meets new friends and strange people.  Like Angelina DiAngelo, who tasks her to find a list of thirteen bizarre things in time for her thirteenth birthday. Thirteen in this case is not the world’s most unluckiest number.


5. Nancy Drew #169: The Mistletoe Mystery by Carolyn Keene

Bess and Nancy are decorating Albemarle’s department store for the holidays. When some expensive Elle-Louise party dresses are stolen from WAVE, the young adult department, Bess’s Bestie (try saying that five times fast!) Ali Marie is accused of it and fired. Nancy, Bess and George are once again, on the case.


The DIY: Quote Bookmark

A really simple DIY. All you need is a piece of tissue box and a marker.

The Only Step. Find a quote that you like. One that i used was “He stole my pizza! He really is evil!” -Ezekiel Jones, The Librarians and the Apple of Discord. Write on to the bookmark and finish.

I hope that you enjoy my selections and that you are saved from absolute boredom over your winter break. Whenever it is. Do not forget to press the follow button so that you do not miss any books, crafts or DIYs! Talk to you later,


DIY “The Librarians” Phone Case

Hey guys! Who loves watching “The Librarians”? Isn’t Ezekiel Jones so dreamy! Why is he the one who always nearly dies? It’s an amazing show that is totally worth fan-girling over! It is about four seemingly random people: A super dreamy Australian master thief (Ezekiel Jones!), A smart red-head with a brain tumor (Cassandra Cillian), A counter-terrorism agent (Col. Eve Barid) and a bar fighter from Oklahoma (Jacob Stone) who are hired by the library to help stop magic from destroying the world. It stars super dreamy John Harlan Kim as Ezekiel, Lindy Booth as Cassandra, Rebecca Romjin as Eve and Christian Kane as Jacob (or Jake for short). John Larroquette and Noah Wyle  also play fairly important characters.

Anyways, last month I introduced the ideas of fashion advice and hauls that will be happening on my blog. Those will happen, yes. But there will be mostly DIYs and books this month. I hope. I’ll do my best.

Do you ever find that you love a TV Show or movie but just can’t find any cases that fit your model of phone? I have that problem all the time. Today I will teach you how to make a super fashionable one using a quote from “The Librarians”. This really can be edited for a quote from any TV Show or movie, I just chose to use this show in particular.

You will need a phone case for your model, a background, duct tape, packing tape and a quote from your movie or TV Show.

Step One. Measure out the background and cut to size. Make sure you cut a hole for the camera. Glue to the case. Rim in duct tape.

Step Two. Cut out your quote. I used “These are the hands of a world-class thief. I don’t do punching”-Ezekiel Jones. Center in your case and glue down.

Step Three. Cover in packing tape and cut out the hole where the camera is. Slide your phone inside to finish.


Thanks so much for reading my blog! I hope that you guys watch “The Librarians”. If not, GO DO IT NOW! Oh wait. Do it after you read this. Please like this and all my other posts and press the follow button on my homepage to make sure that you do not miss out on any of my posts. Now you need to go and watch “The Librarians”.


If you watch “The Librarians”, all the pusheens and grumpy cats in the world will love you