Fall Fashion Advice! :)

Hullo there! Like the British that I tried there? Anyhoo… who likes fashion? I have some great Fall Fashion advice to wear for the last little segment of the season. There are three looks I will show you today. If you like any DIYs that do not have links to a post, let me know if you would like instructions in a post format later in time as to how you create it. Let us begin!


1.Trendy Shopping Luv’

For this look, I paired a graphic tee with a denim jacket and a pair of black jeans. I paired it with a pair of Adidas and a straw sidebag (I do not actually think that that is a word) from the Bahamas which I used to store a duct tape wallet and some candy lip balm.

You can buy sidebags at Justice and Old Navy.


 2.Athletic Darling

Can I start by screaming I MADE THE CRICKET TEAM!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 Do I seem too happy about that? For this outfit, I used a solid black tank top that i bought at Old Navy, a pair of purple Reebok track pants and a pink Aeropostale zip up sweater. If you do not have an Aeropostale sweater like mine, any sweater that says “Athletic divison” of somthing like that works just fine as well. I paired this with a duct tape water bottle and a galaxy tote bag to hold all my gear.


3. Cozy Sweetheart

This look is for days when you do not feel like doing anything at all but want to stay warm and stylish. For this look I used a heavy Bluenotes knit sweater over a solid magenta tank top from Old Navy and a pair of super-warm leggings that were also from Bluenotes. I threw on a necklace from Ardene, but any necklace you have, or even no necklace will work just fine. If you are just lounging about, you can go barefooted, but if you are going out, i would recommend a pair of knee-high boots.

That’s my fall fashion advice! Stay tuned as I will be posting more fashion advice soon. And I mean really soon. If you would like to see more fashion advice posts, just press the like button down where the comment section is. Remember to press the follow button on the homepage so that you do not miss any of what i have to say. Talk to ya soon!


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