Book Fair Haul!

Did anybody see Sunday night’s premiere of  “The Librarians”? ‘Twas sooo EPIC! The Egyptian God of Chaos took over a body and nearly destroyed the Boston Science Museum! Ezekiel and Jacob fan-boyed over a submarine while I fan-girled over  the episode and the military knows about magic! For those of you who do not know, A. i am obsessed and B. that’s a typical “Librarians” episode. I’m obsessed and crazy and you know it.

Over the course of last week, we had a book fair at school. I am a full supporter of book fairs because they are awesome. I did some shopping… and here’s what I got!


1. Autumn Falls by Bella Thorne

Still reeling from her father’s death, suburban-bred teenager Autumn, her troublesome brother Erick and her mother uproot and move to Florida to be closer to their Aunt Eddy. Autumn doesn’t fall under the radar at her new school but a magic diary could change that!


2. Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

When a family tragedy sends some random boy named Jacob to the British Isles, where Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is located, he needs to prepare himself for monsters, destruction, girls with two mouths that can fly and control fire and one special little lady named Emma.


3. The Joke’s on Us by Gordon Korman

I am a Gordon Korman Junkie. I’ll admit it, he’s awesome. Some of my favorite Gordon Korman books are Masterminds (all three), Swindle (all of them) and you get the picture now, don’t you. In this installment of his MacDonald Hall Series, Boots’s brother Edward comes to MacDonald Hall, and suddenly all these weird pranks start to happen and for once, it’s not them!


4.My Bookmarks

At our book fairs, we sometimes sell other things such as bookmarks and posters. I usually get two bookmarks as they are 50 cents each. They usually have cute phrases on them and animals or food.


5.Just Chillin’ Poster

The posters at the book fairs are $5, which is too much. Wanna know a hack? Just help take the book fair down and your librarian might let you have one for free. I got this one from helping at my school, and another one at my sister’s. This one is decked out with a baby emperor penguin  and the words “Just Chillin'” written in shiny blue.


6. Fantastic Beasts Poster

I got this one for helping at my sister’s school. The poster is decked out with Queenie, Jacob, Newt and Tina (right to left) against a 1920something backdrop.The movie came out last Friday and I’ve been DYING to see it! I even pre-ordered the screenplay from scholastic. Just Keep Waiting, Just Keep Waiting, Just Keep Waiting, Waiting. It will come. Eventually. Then I’ll be happy.

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All the Pusheen Unicorns will love you if you watch “The Librarians”

Athletic Fashion Advice + What to bring to your sporting match

Hello again! Long time, no talk! Welcome back to Books, Crafts and DIYs! As I was telling you back in Fall Fashion Advice 🙂, I has made the cricket team. Sorry, I have made the cricket team. There Naajaki! It’s proper grammar! So. That was weird. Don’t lie. ‘Twas very weird. Please just let us forget about that. So anyhoo, I made the school cricket team on Thursday after two days of tryouts and nearly a week of hard deliberations from the coaches and the gym teacher. Now that I have made the team, I intend to take things seriously. And i am going to help my faithful viewers who might also be in this situation. Here are some tips and tricks of the athletics trade! 🙂




For a sport, what you need is something versatile. That meaning that you can waer it for pretty much anything. Athletic shorts and tank tops usually do the trick. You can feild, bat, bowl and scorekeep in these. If you need to wear a jersey that is like, five billion times too big, just tie it up over your tank top.


Pamper Me Bag

After a game, you’re all hot and sweaty and smell bad. You need to pamper your self. Be your perfect self once again. You just gave the team your all and now you need to wash up. In my bag, I have fragrance mist that I covered in a candy wrapper the same way i did my candy lip balms. i also have a Christmassy lotion and some hair ties in a small potato chip bag tote.


Pack It All In

 To pack all your accessories away (and a good pair of Adidas), simply use a large, fashionable bag. I used my galaxy tote bag, but you can use anything you have lying around.



 Bonus Material

Welcome to the bonus material. Today’s bonus material is a DIY Duct Tape Water Bottle. You will need a metal water bottle and duct tape. The instructions are pretty self explanatory. All you need to do is layer different strips of patterned duct tape around the bottle.

I hope that you enjoyed these tips and tricks and special bonus material. I will talk to you gain after my cricket game tomorrow, wish me luck guys! Press the follow button on the homepage to ensure that you don’t miss out. TTYL


I Has StarStable!

Hey gals! Now that winter is on the way, you need things to do inside as it is too cold for outside. Am I right? Well here is a really good game that you can play online. I just got it today and (Don’t Laugh) I am at Level 2. The game is free until Level Five, so if you don’t rush it, you should last for a very long time. The game is called StarStable. My name is Christelle Hummingbirdhill and my horse is Guardian Mystery. So far, I am liking the game. The controls are a little bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of things, it’s easy. The game takes place on the island of Jordvik and you are a teenage girl who is here over the summer to help out at Moorland Stables. If you stay, you have the opportunity to be invited into the Jordvik Equine Institute, meaning you get to stay on the island. You may not get this chance because a wealthy buisnessman is trying to shut down the stables. It is your job to help Mr. Moorland and not let the stable be shut down. It is a good game but i do  wish that it was entirely free.

Well guys, that’s all for now. I will talk to you soon. Wish me luck for my cricket match and do not forget to press the follow button on the homepage so athat you do not miss anything that I post here. BTW that is not my StarStable person or my horse. See ya soon!


Fall Fashion Advice! :)

Hullo there! Like the British that I tried there? Anyhoo… who likes fashion? I have some great Fall Fashion advice to wear for the last little segment of the season. There are three looks I will show you today. If you like any DIYs that do not have links to a post, let me know if you would like instructions in a post format later in time as to how you create it. Let us begin!


1.Trendy Shopping Luv’

For this look, I paired a graphic tee with a denim jacket and a pair of black jeans. I paired it with a pair of Adidas and a straw sidebag (I do not actually think that that is a word) from the Bahamas which I used to store a duct tape wallet and some candy lip balm.

You can buy sidebags at Justice and Old Navy.


 2.Athletic Darling

Can I start by screaming I MADE THE CRICKET TEAM!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 Do I seem too happy about that? For this outfit, I used a solid black tank top that i bought at Old Navy, a pair of purple Reebok track pants and a pink Aeropostale zip up sweater. If you do not have an Aeropostale sweater like mine, any sweater that says “Athletic divison” of somthing like that works just fine as well. I paired this with a duct tape water bottle and a galaxy tote bag to hold all my gear.


3. Cozy Sweetheart

This look is for days when you do not feel like doing anything at all but want to stay warm and stylish. For this look I used a heavy Bluenotes knit sweater over a solid magenta tank top from Old Navy and a pair of super-warm leggings that were also from Bluenotes. I threw on a necklace from Ardene, but any necklace you have, or even no necklace will work just fine. If you are just lounging about, you can go barefooted, but if you are going out, i would recommend a pair of knee-high boots.

That’s my fall fashion advice! Stay tuned as I will be posting more fashion advice soon. And I mean really soon. If you would like to see more fashion advice posts, just press the like button down where the comment section is. Remember to press the follow button on the homepage so that you do not miss any of what i have to say. Talk to ya soon!


DIY Potato Chip Bag Tote!

Hey guys! How was your Halloween? I hit the Starburst jackpot! So. How many of you got bags of potato chips or popcorn for Halloween? I’m going to guess that a lot of you did. Here is a way to re purpose your potato chip bags.

You will need a potato chip bag and duct tape.

Step One. Cut your potato chip bag open. Use duct tape to refine the edges.

Step Two. Connect the sides with duct tape and place a strip over the sticky part inside. Do the same for the bottom.

Step Three. Cut and fold a piece of duct tape and cut in half. Fold so that it looks like the strap of a bag. Tape both ends down inside the bag. Repeat for the other side.


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