DIY Room Organization Tactics

Hey guys! I know that Halloween is getting soooo close right now and that candy is all you are thinking about but have you thought about where you are going to put it yet? No? That’s what I thought. Before we begin, I have a few things to say. First of all, my blog has grown so much since I started it back in August and i want to thank my very first follower, lisaradw for being with me every step of the way and to my latest follower ikra.mortoza. Ikra, you will love this blog. I also want to say hi to my buddy Gabby at Gabby’s Gaming and DIYs!

Let’s Begin!



 1. Kitten Mason Jar

You will need a mason jar, paints and a paintbrush ***Optional*** Fragrance Mist

Step 1. Open your jar. If yours has a really and i mean REALLY bad scent, you might want to spray it with some fragrance mist before painting. I made the mistake of not doing this and it nearly ruined the DIY. Mix your paint color and do two coats on your jar.

Step 2. Paint the face. I painted a kitten but you can paint any face that you want. Fill with things and you are done!


2. Random mid-size Organizer

You will need scrapbook paper, I got this paper at, a cereal box and duct tape

Step 1. Cut a portion of your cereal box. Cover in the paper.

Step 2. Rim in duct tape. Fill with things you need to keep on your nightstand or anywhere else, really, to finish.

I hope that you guys enjoyed these organization ideas for your room and have a very amazing and happy Halloween! Remember to press the follow button on the homepage so that you don’t miss out on any posts! I will be posting again soon!


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