DIY Tumblr and Instagram inspired Wall Art: Awesome Room Decor

Hey guys! I know a lot of you were probably wondering how I did in my Cross Country meet. I came 20th. Not bad for my first meet. Enough about that. Today we will be working on DIY wall art that is inspired by Instagram and Tumblr. These projects will easily jazz up your room in just under 10 minutes and look super fabulous!



1. Dripping Fashion Logo

You will need a paint marker, a peice of paper and a printout of your favorite fashion logo. I got this idea from a LaurDIY video and i thought that it was just so cool and i needed to try it out.

Step One. Print and cut out your fashion brand logo. Color in with your paint marker. Glue to a solid piece of paper.

Step Two. Find the ends of your logo and any inside areas. Draw staggered straight lines going down. Then, push your paint marker down on the ends to create the drip effect.


2. Instagram Snaps Mobile

You will need a wooden dowel, paint, string, instagram snaps, pixel speech bubbles,

and tape.

Step One. In Microsoft Word, insert six instagram snaps and six corresponding pixel speech bubbles. Print

Step Two. Drip dye your wooden dowel by dipping each end in a jar of paint. Let dry

Step Three. Attach three strings to the dowel and secure with clear tape

Step Four. Attach your snaps to the string with tape.


I hope that you enjoyed these fun Room Decor ideas and try them yourself. Have a very happy Thanksgiving and remember to press the follow button on the homepage of my blog. I’ll wrote again soon.



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