Quick Craft!: 2 Minute Candy Lip Balm

Hey there guys! Tash here. Who loves scented lip balm? I have a lot of it. I have a hard time telling them all apart and then when I bring them to school, I can’t tell them apart from the ones that my friends have. A cool way to spice them up is to use candy wrappers. Let’s get started with this amazing DIY!

You will need lip balm, scotch tape, candy wrappers and glue

The Only Step. Cut your candy wrapper to size. My Cherry AirHeads wrapper was miles too big, so I had enough to make two. The Lindor wrapper was easier to trim. Glue to your lip balm. To do the cap, wrap the piece around and glue in place. Put glue on the top and fold the wrapper inwards. Tape together.

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