Quick Craft!: 2 Minute Candy Lip Balm

Hey there guys! Tash here. Who loves scented lip balm? I have a lot of it. I have a hard time telling them all apart and then when I bring them to school, I can’t tell them apart from the ones that my friends have. A cool way to spice them up is to use candy wrappers. Let’s get started with this amazing DIY!

You will need lip balm, scotch tape, candy wrappers and glue

The Only Step. Cut your candy wrapper to size. My Cherry AirHeads wrapper was miles too big, so I had enough to make two. The Lindor wrapper was easier to trim. Glue to your lip balm. To do the cap, wrap the piece around and glue in place. Put glue on the top and fold the wrapper inwards. Tape together.

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5 Books to make Long Car Rides Better + DIY Name Bookmark

Who’s family does long and boring car rides? As a Grade 7 student, I can say a lot. We went on this one 3 day field trip to Camp Muskoka. There were 77 Grade 7 Students going, and the bus ride was 2 hours long. Here are five books you can read to spare you the boredom.




  1. Matched by Ally Condie

In the Society, the Officials decide. Where you work. Who you love. When you die. Cassia Maria Reyes has always trusted the Officials’ decisions. Perfect job, perfect mate, long life. What more could she ask for. It turns out, a lot. At her Matching Banquet, she is matched to Xander Thomas Carrow, her bestie. They couldn’t have been happier. But when the screen shows her someone different. Ky Markham. Now she has to decide. Xander or Ky? Perfection or Passion? Allegiance or Rebellion? The three books are Matched, Crossed and Reached.





2. Shiver by Maggie Steifvater

Grace was dragged from her tire swing by wolves. But one wolf, the yellow eyed wolf was always her wolf. But when hunters go after all of the wolves of the pack, Grace finds out that her wolf is actually an attractive teenage boy named Sam. Will this love prevail, or is it back to being a wolf -permanently- for Sam? the books are Shiver, Linger, Forever and Sinner


3. The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms by Chris Colfer

Alex and Conner Bailey live in the world of fairy tales. Alex is the Fairy Godmother and Conner is… Well I don’t really know what Conner is. But trouble has come to the Land of Stories. The Masked Man is looking for an army. What Alex and Conner don’t know is that this army is being made up of the villains from The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. Alex and Conner think they have hm when they are suddenly split up and sent to opposite stories, Conner to Robin Hood and Alex to The Legend of Camelot where she falls in love with Arthur. Oh, and did I mention that Alex has been UnFairyGodmothered? (Is that one word or three?) The books in this series are #1: The Wishing Spell, #2: The Enchantress Returns, #3: A Grimm Warning, #4: Beyond the Kingdoms and #5: An Authors Odyssey. Well for now just those five.


4. The 39 Clues: The Clue Hunt #1: Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan

Dan and Amy Cahill are orphans. They currently live with their grumpy old Aunt Beatrice. When their Grandmother Grace dies, they are plunged into the race for the 39 Clues. 39 objects that when mixed together, could make you the most powerful person in the world. Suddenly their lives are harsh and cruel environments as they try to keep the world sfe from their greedy relatives. There are currently 4 series: The Clue Hunt, Cahills vs Vespers, Unstoppable and Doublecross


5. Swindle by Gordon Korman

Griffin Bing is the man with a plan. When he hosts a sleepover in a supposedly haunted house and discovers a rare Honus Wagner baseball card worth half a million and a con man swindles him out of it for fifty, it’s up to him and a rag-tag group of friends to help steal it back and keep it away from Griffin’s arch nemesis, Darren Vader.  If you like the book, be sure to watch the movie!


The DIY: Name Bookmark

You will need paper, markers (I used Sharpies), a glue stick and cardstock or an old bookmark.

The Only Step. Cut squares out of the paper. Cut enough so that you can spell out your name. Draw something and fit a letter of your name onto it. Color in. Glue to cardstock and cut out in a rectangle.

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DIY Rainbow Highlighter! #LifeHack!

Who has boring highlighters? I know I do. I have a friend named Lisara who sits next to me in class. She showed me this DIY and sent me the link to the HelloMaphie video she saw that shows how to create it. So thanks to you guys for this idea. Let’s Get Started!

You will need three highlighters. One base and two other colours.

The Only Step. Uncap your base highlighter. On one side, press one of your other colours to the highlighter and let the colour bleed onto the tip of your base. Repeat with the other colour.

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DIY Coaster and Magazine Holder: 2 Room Decor Projects

Okay, my room has not been redecorated since I was in third grade. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true… I did get a Harry Potter bedspread last Christmas and a lot of photos changed. But that’s not he point. My point is that it’s always more fun to decorate these places ourselves!



  1. Popsicle Stick and Washi Tape Coaster

You will need popsicle sticks, mod podge or school glue and washi or duct tape

Step 1. Plan how you want your coaster by laying the sticks on top of each other. I did one on each long edge and six as slats in the middle. Cover any amount you wish in washi and/or duct tape.

Step 2. Glue together and let dry



2. Keep Out Magazine Holder

You will need an empty cereal box, solid duct tape, glue and scrapbook paper. I got the Keep Out paper at www.studiodiy.com.

Step 1. Measure out and cut where you want your sloping sides. Cut the same amount in paper and glue to the front.

Step 2. Rim in duct tape and fill with whatever you want. I put my planner, story writing notebook and blog post notebook inside.

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