Locker Stuff!! DIYs and Revamps!

It’s that time of year again. Lockers. Sarcastic Yay. Do not let the cramped spaces bring you down, as it is easily fixed by cute stuff! Today I am going to show you the essentials that you can find anywhere for cheap, some awesome revamps on cheap stuff and totally original DIYs. Let’s get started.


  1. Locker Shelf

This is unavoidable. Lockers just do not have enough space for everything. Even if you get a few shelves, you will probably need a sturdy shelf at the bottom. This one was $1.25 at Dollarama, but they are just as cheap at The Dollar Tree or the locker section at Target and Walmart.


2. Whiteboard/Corkboard Revamp

I was at the SuperStore with my mother when she did her grocery shopping. We passed by their seasonal section and I found a large half whiteboard and half corkboard for only $2! When we got home, I decided to revamp it. I took the marker clip off the sides and covered the purple plastic part in flower patterned duct tape. Then, I blinged out the top portion with stickers.

3. Owl Magnets (Shown in #2’s Photo)

Okay, these are the best magnet clip things I have ever seen. For $1 at Dollarama, these clips come also in Peace Signs and Hearts. If you do not want to spend anything and have magnetic clips lying around, you can print off pictures of owls and glue them on.


4. Duct Tape Pencil Holders DIY

You will need duct tape, labels (I just printed off two Lily Pulitzer prints and cut the shapes I wanted out of the paper), packing tape and a tin can

Step 1. Cut three strips of duct tape and stick them to your can so that you can’t see any of the tin showing through. I like to fold the top over the rim of the can so that you get a polished look. If you run out of tape on your roll, just apply glue to the cardboardy (Is that a word) area on the bag of your pattern and wrap around the can.

Step 2. Stick your label on to your can and write whatever you choose, maybe what you are storing inside or be random like me and right things like “LOL” and “Be Awesome”. After the label has been applied, cover with packing tape for longer durability.

I loved these so much that I made the one with the British flag sticking out of it for my room! You can just put pencils and other writing utensils inside, or you can put all your essentials inside like I did. I put in a pack of tissues, a whiteboard marker, a black pen and the thumbtacks for my corkboard, but feel free to put in whatever you want.


5. Whiteboard Calendar DIY

You will need a printout of a completely blank calendar, stick-on magnets and packing tape.

The Only Step. Cut out the calendar. Cover with packing tape and fill in all the information with a whiteboard marker. Place a magnet in each corner and one in the center.


6. Personalized Magnets

You will need old magnets that you do not need, packing tape and printouts

The Only Step. Glue your pictures to the magnets and cut them out. Cut out a strip of packing tape and glue on top.

Just to give you some ideas of the things you could put on your magnets, I googled “Unicorn Emoji” and found the above picture of a panda with a unicorn’s horn that says “Keep Calm and be a Pandicorn”. I also used a picture of a kitten sitting in marshmallows, the Gryffindor emblem from Harry Potter and three pictures from one of my fave shows ever, The Librarians. Remember, this is only advice and you need to be as true to you as possible when decorating your space.

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DIY Galaxy Tote Bag

First of all, who thinks that a landscape of the galaxy is the absolute coolest thing to have on anything? I know I do. So when I saw the SaraBeautyCorner video that included the galaxy shoes, I decided to make the pattern on an old canvas tote bag that I had.

BTW the books in the picture are Undercover Girl #1: Secrets by Christine Harris, The Land of Stories #4: Beyond the Kingdoms by Chris Colfer and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling (OMG that book is so good)

You will need black, white, purple, blue and  slightly paler purple fabric paint (If you are like me and do not have any fabric paint, acrylic paint works just fine), a sponge brush, a really thin brush, a really thick brush, an old toothbrush and most importantly of all, the bag.

Step 1. Paint your bag black using acrylic or fabric paint. If your bag is already black, that is a great bonus.

Step 2. Dip your sponge brush into purple paint and sponge it onto the bag. This is where you get creative with all of your colours to make a fabulous galaxy.

Step 3. Use the thin brush to paint on stars. Then put a little white paint on your toothbrush and swipe your finger across. This causes the paint to fly onto the bag and make mini stars. Let dry and start packing all the things you will need for a fashionable day.

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Happy Belated Birthday Harry Potter!

Okay, so I know that Harry Potter’s birthday was on July 31st. I was a bit late in getting a blog. But it is NEVER too late for a DIY!! I was randomly surfing the net for DIY back to school videos when I came across this one video with really cool digitally made binder covers that were modeled after YA books like Mocking Jay and A Fault in our Stars. I watched the video and thought that the DIY was soooooo cool and I just HAD to try it, so I did the cover for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and redid it for my Judo Terminology book. Here is the link for the video:

I really hope that you enjoy this DIY and you can use literally ANY book cover that you want for this amazing DIY. Keep Calm and Craft On!


Six DIYs to do for the Back to School Season

When you do back to school shopping, sometimes getting the nice stuff costs too much. Today’s post is going to teach you six fun, easy, quick and affordable DIYs that you can bring with you back to school.



  1. Simple Elegance Folder

For this DIY, you will need  pocket folder (or a notebook if you prefer), a Lily Pulitzer inspired cover from (I have included the one I used down below) and Duct Tape.

Step 1. Print off your Lily Pulitzer inspired cover and glue to your folder


This is the one that I liked

Step 2. Cut strips of Duct Tape and stick them around the cover. To finish off, just write your name and the subject. (If you do not know what subject you will use i for, you can either leave it blank or write “notes” like I did)




2. Creative One-Step Paper Pads

You will need a pad of paper and some cardstock (I just used an old binder divider)

The Only step. Cut a piece of cardstock that is the same size as the area you want to cover, with some extra space for the back of the pad of paper. Cover the back of the cardstock with glue and stick down


3. Duct Tape Bookmarks

You will need cardstock, duct tape and stickers

Step 1. Cut your cardstock to a size that will fit in your book and cover with duct tape

Step 2. Decorate with the stickers

Extra Fun. Use a one hole punch to make a small hole in the top of your bookmark. Fold a piece of duct tape in half and then cut it in half again. Put the two pieces together and thread them through the small hole. use a small piece of duct tape to hold together. Trim accordingly. This creates a tassel.

BTW The books in the picture are The Salt and Pepper Chronicles #5: The Prisoners and the Paintings by David A Poulsen and Sleuth or Dare #3: Framed and Dangerous by Kim Harrington


4. One-Step Duct Tape Pens and Pencils

You will need duct tape and pens/pencils

The Only step. Cut a piece of duct tape that is the same size as your writing utensil minus the tip. Wrap around the writing utensil


5. Scrapbook Paper Notebook

You will need a sheet of scrapbook paper (if you do not have any, you can go on the Micheal’s or DeSerres websites and save pictures of their scrapbook paper and print off two pages), a notebook, cardstock, computer paper and duct tape

Step 1. Trace the outline of your notebook cover onto the back of your scrapbook paper and cut out the shape. Glue to the front of the notebook and cut off the excess paper

Step 2. Cut out to rectangles from cardstock. One should be able to fit inside the other while leaving a clean border around it. Glue them together and then on to the notebook. Write either your subject or “notes” on the inner rectangle

Step 3. Open your notebook and glue in a piece of white computer paper. Trim off the excess. Glue another piece of scrapbook paper the width of your notebook across the bottom. Only put the glue around the three outside sides to make a pocket inside

Step 4. Stick strips of duct tape along the spiral to give it the look of a Composition Notebook.


6. Motivational Folder

You will need a pocket folder, scrapbook paper (if you do not have any, you can go on the Micheal’s or DeSerres websites and save pictures of their scrapbook paper and print off two pages), colored paper and a bunch of motivational sayings that you have printed off

Step 1. Glue your scrapbook paper to the folder. Cut a shape out of your coloured paper and glue to the center. In it, write your name and either the subject or “notes”.

Step 2. Glue your motivational sayings all around the folder in a collage format. Some of the sayings I included are Whatever you decide to do, Make sure it makes you happy and a J.K Rowling quote that says Anything is Possible if you hve enough nerve.

That is all i have for now, but stay tuned for more DIYs coming soon and hit that follow button!